From the four corners of Lavato, new champions arrive!

A magic horn is played from the parapets of Castle Folrart, sounding a message across the land.

Card 1
Refess Sphere

Champions of Divine Retribution

1x Boy Inquisitor / Cudgel

1x The Angel’s Trumpet

1x Coatl*

1x Legendary Unicorn*

Card 2
Card 1
Lawtia Sphere

Champions of Intrigue

1x Holy Mother of Blood / Velvet

1x Virtuoso / Rutina

1x Magic Doll – Melee*

1x Black Hound*

Card 2
Card 1
Gowen Sphere

Champions of Gaia

1x Roar of Courage / Brave

1x The Dark Eye / Wabell

1x Salamander Soldier*

1x Highland-Born Hunter*

Card 2
Card 1
Falkow Sphere

Champions of Enchantment

1x Flash Paladin / Ibert

1x Magic Dancer / Chiruru

1x Sylph Sorceress*

1x Roc*

Card 2

*Comes free in pack


Card 1

1x Angel of Sun and Birth / Weissvogel

1x EX: Lion Baron / Zagar

1x Rapidshot Magic Archer*

Card 2
Card 1

1x Angel of Moon and Soul / Noirweiden

1x EX: Broken Iron Soldier / XXXX

1x Lycanthrope – Leonardo*

Card 2
Card 1

1x Angel of Fire and Gaia Rougeerst

1x EX: The Red Mantle / DeFau

1x Blitz Soldier*

Card 2
Card 1

1x Angel of Sea and Wind Bulerigid

1x EX: Azure Dragon – East / Vordore

1x Deep Squid*

Card 2

*Comes free in pack

Starter Files

Refess Starter

Refess Soul Cards

Refess has the best Hit Points and Healing of all the colors. Its units have a mix of offensive and defensive abilities, usually focusing on supporting other units and bypassing enemy protections. They have good SP generation, but also they tend to have high SP consumption.

Refess Card Files don’t like to see their units go to the Cemetery. Rather than temporary gain, they go for stability, delivering their damage turn after turn. The weak point of Refess is its speed.

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Refess Starter File
Refess Starter File Extra Cards

Lawtia Starter

Lawtia Soul Cards

Lawtia is probably the most extreme of the colors, but it can also be the most powerful. If a Lawtia Iczer wins with only 1 LP remaining, his first thought is “all that matters is that I won.” In fact, you could say that if he had too much LP to spare, then he wasn’t dueling in the spirit of Lawtia. A Lawtia Iczer sacrifices his own units for immediate gain, then capitalizes on that gain to dominate his opponent.

Lawtia units have excellent offensive capabilities, unique powers, gain big bonuses during the night, and have the ability to burn away the enemy’s SP. Because of all of these factors, timing is absolutely vital for Lawtia. Lawtia units have above average speed and below average HP.

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Lawtia Starter File
Lawtia Starter File Extra Cards

Gowen Starter

Gowen Soul Cards

Gowen can be summed up in one word: explosive. With more SP-effecent pure fighters than anyone else, you’ll have a solid fighting force on the field quick. On top of that, Gowen has more inexpensive high AGI choices than any other color and Rank Up, the ability to level cards for more fighting ability.

Gowen Grimoire cards usually do straight damage and plenty of it, while support units give strong bonuses to AT. Gowen has the speed to take control of the field early, and the power to keep it.

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Gowen Starter File
Gowen Starter File Extra Cards

Falkow Starter

falkow Soul Cards

Falkow rewards card combos the way Lawtia rewards timing. It’s known as the thinking man’s sphere, but it has the potential to dominate any game. The strong points of Falkow are AGI manipulation and card Return.

Since a returned card can’t hurt anything, and going first means killing a unit before it even gets to attack, these are vital abilities that make up for Falkow’s low HP. Falkow card skills are versatile, so there’s a lot of room to leverage combos to control your enemy.

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falkow Starter File
falkow Starter File Extra Cards

Expansion List

EX Pack 1

Angels - The Second Coming

Expansion 2

Revival of the Dragon Emperors

EX Pack 2

Lavato Champions

Expansion 3

Wrath of the Four Gods

EX Pack 3

Faces of War

Expansion 4

Beasts on Sacred Ground

EX Pack 4

Judgement of the Lost

Expansion 5

The Aftermath

EX Pack 5

The Aftermath

Expansion 6

A Prelude to Battle

EX Pack 6

A Prelude to Battle

Expansion 7

A Prelude to Battle

Batora Slave EX 1

A Prelude to Battle

EX Pack 7

A Prelude to Battle

Expansion 8

A Prelude to Battle

EX Pack 8

A Prelude to Battle

Expansion 9

A Prelude to Battle

EX Pack 9

A Prelude to Battle

Batora Slave EX 2

A Prelude to Battle

Expansion 10

A Prelude to Battle

EX Pack 10

Cassandras Story 2

Top 5 RP

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