5 of 7 rewards out

By now, everyone should have their 5 of 7 rewards! email logress@apocoplay.com if you’re missing anything!



Gran fix and DLC

Quick note, if you’ve been having any problems buying Gran today, they should be fixed now. If there are any outstanding issues, email logress@apocoplay.com

Also, the Steam DLC is up in the Steam Store. It’s a really good deal! 5 bucks gets you 5 Flower of War packs and 300 gran plus some other stuff. If you don’t normally use the Steam Client, you can just load it up once to cash in the DLC and get the cards, and then when you return to the browser, everything will be there.

IMPORTANT – Some STEAM USERS have reported an issue where the new cards don’t appear in the steam client. You must navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Alteil Horizons\browsercache and clear that folder to fix the issue, or try the browser version at home.alteil2.com



We are Go For Set 14

Just a quick reminder, here’s what’s happening right now!

-Flower of War will immediately appear in the Shop, treasure battles, the lotto, and the free daily lotto.
-In fact on launch all players will have bonuses to get new Flower of War cards in battle!
-The 4 beginner’s Pack Steam DLC’s will be 30% off, which makes them less than 7 bucks. Remember, these each come with 500 Gran on top of the pre-built deck and other goodies!
-FM bonus +50% FM all weekend
-Material bonus +50% To material rate / rarity all weekend
-Card Shop Pre-built sale All Horizons Core Legal Pre-builts normally priced at 1500 Gran will be discounted to 990 Gran through the weekend. — This includes Dragons and Dolls, our two newest pre-builts
-There will be a new STEAM DLC – Flower of War Combo Pack – includes 5 packs at a discount plus an exclusive Ishtar Avatar, 300 Gran, 5 Point cards and a Draft ticket.
-Holiday Avatar BG available in the shop this weekend only for 1 FM
-Flower of War 5 of 7 – Starts Friday – 20 Point Cards for participation, and a copy of the 3-star Cursed Spear Master Anri for completing 10 or more battles!

To preview all the cards, you can hit the “?” next to the Flower of War Pack or Boxes in the Shop, or click on the ‘All Cards‘ tab in the File Editor and search by Expansion – ‘Flower of War’.

Remember, Flower of War is available now in the shop (Gran only — FM prices in two weeks) and treasure! Come take a look!

11/1/16 Updates and Patches

We’ve been working to deal with any leftover launch issues, and stability issues some users have reported – but, we’re also making time to actually implement the suggestions of our players as well. You all have been able to point out some important things we here at Alteil may have been too close to the project to see, and more importantly you also just have some really cool ideas! On that note, if you see me (Logress) in game you should talk to me, apparently that’s the best way to get things done!

Here is a quick set of patch notes:
1) We’ve added a vendor-provided stability patch to one of our third-party code libraries. (should solve battle connection issues)
2) New players (level 10 and lower) now get EXP, FM and Treasure for dueling NPCs!
3) You now have 24 hours to complete a draft instead of 12
4) Battle search cycle is longer
5) possible fix for the ‘level display’ bug
6) Turned off welcome messages in chat to prevent it from scrolling too fast
7) Audio controls now work across components and the game will remember them (You can mute everything).
8) The battle now remembers your last battle speed setting
9) General fixes for some of the draft bugs that have been occasionally popping up.

There have also been some basic tweaks for optimization and the like. Take a look, and please email logress@apocoplay.com if you noticing any problem. We’re already working on the next update!


Steam Launch Delayed to October


Honored Iczers and supporters,

It brings me no joy to announce that our team has experienced a heavy setback. Our project lead, Sean (Logress) Molyneaux, is in the midst of handling a family emergency. Unfortunately, that means work on Alteil: Horizons has been delayed in light of this crisis. We will be unable to launch on Steam this month as we had originally planned. Our new goal is to shoot for next month (October).

We understand how frustrating this may be to players and trust me, we’re in the exact same boat. Once again thank you for your patience and support for Alteil: Horizons.

I hope to see you in the arena,


Missing Old Replays? Send an E-mail



During the transfer from our old server to Amazon Web Services (AWS), old replays in your records may have been cleared. We have copied those over and can restore them upon request if you would like. Please send an e-mail to logress@apocoplay.com with your Iczer name and we will process it ASAP.


And we’re back

Everything should be back online. You may have to refresh your page if something’s frozen. On top of the new cards (or, at least placeholders for where new cards will go) everything should be a little faster now.

I’ll be sticking around chat for another half hour or so in case there’s anything that went wrong.

Lost Summer Found

The summer Avatars are up in the shop, and the Summer card art has been added to the game!  At the end of the event, the card art will return  to normal.