Combo Spotlight – Dec. 23

With the arrival of the Wrath of the Four Gods expansion comes the tools needed for efficient mutli-sphere Files, as well as additional mechanics that turn card subtypes into a force to be feared. We hope to cover more of these fantastic and sometimes obvious, sometimes not, combinations in future installments of this new feature we’re calling Combo Spotlight. Hopefully this will help remind our Iczers of the incredible synergy to be found in places other than what is currently popular in the arenas.

On to the topic at hand. This one is an obvious pairing, both story-wise and card-wise. We are referring to Shield Coat / Fierte and Gunner Girl / Yuni of course. Naturally they are the best of friends. and that camaraderie is clearly shown in Fierte’s Start Skill, “The Bond with Yuni,” in which she gives her gunslinging partner a much-needed boost in the defense department, a whopping +20 in fact. You can almost imagine the two friends side by side in the middle of a fracas with Fierte using Calkul, her protective cloak, to protect Yuni as guns are blazing everywhere.

There’s more to this than the imagery however, as the added 20 DF to Yuni means that she can use her Charge Action Skill by spending nothing other than the SP cost. The 50% of Max HP damage that the Charge would ordinarily do to her is absorbed by the defense bonus. Fierte is basically keeping her good friend from doing anything wild and dangerous, which is what friends are supposed to do, right? And depending on what the field conditions are, it might be wise to place Yuni alongside Fierte in the front row, relying on defense and luck to keep them both alive till Yuni’s Bullet Storm clears out three units within the first two rows.

Naturally, there is more to this combination than those two elements. After all, with an HP of 10 and 30 respectively, Fierte and Yuni aren’t the hardiest of Characters, even behind all that defense. A Fariy dance is almost certainly in order to give them a better chance of surviving heavy attacks from the enemy. Bazgar’s Soul Skill and other HP solutions are always good, but keep in mind there are two units here that need boosting. And a Panther Soul is definitely something that will help Yuni reach her greatest damage potential of 50 AT and 4 Agi for the low cost of 1 SP. Either way, a rankup is necessary to access her Bullet Storm Action Skill. A renewable source of defense would also be something on any Iczer’s wish list, considering every time Fierte uses “Fight to Protect,” she loses 10 DF. Though thankfully, even if she is run down to 0 DF, her friendship with Yuni will always persevere and grant Yuni Calkul’s protection at the beginning of each round.

A Sorcerer Guard might be one way of keeping Calkul going, but with Yuni cleaning up every round for 2 SP, a wise Iczer would do well to conserve SP when needed to finish off what Yuni started. Renally might also be another way of keeping three femme fatales untouchable, though the setup is admittedly probably very difficult to accomplish. Pegasus is another interesting idea, since it would allow you to have a renewable source of defense for Fierte, and also perhaps allow you to put another unit behind the Pegasus to gain some AT. A Rapidshot Magic Archer or Battle Mage of Regus perhaps? This opens the door to many different threats, and taking down any one of them would be difficult and may not necessarily be advantageous. Girl power indeed!

Before all you Iczers proceed to making your Fierte-Yuni Files, keep in mind that there are two things that happen before Start Skills go off, namely Open Skills and Soul Skills. So the combination is a bit fragile when it first comes out, and your opponent will have a window of opportunity to either use a damage Open Skill or Soul Skill to take down Fierte, which would only spell trouble for Yuni. An immediate Fairy Dance should solve most of those issues however, though there are of course other possibilities, so keep an eye out for any other potential ideas.



Special Cards

There are Alteil’s current special cards that can be found. There are playable in game but useless. These will provide Iczers with alternate ways to buy cards and are redeemable for prizes.


point card

Point Cards

Point Cards are simple collectible cards that can be traded in for any card of your choice. They can be acquired for 2,500 Fight Money in the shop, and they can be earned by winning or even just participating in Alteil events.

For example, Point Cards may be awarded for runner-up prizes in tournaments or contests. Often, we will grant Point Cards to every user who dueled in the Arena or who used the Shop during a specific time. You may find yourself accumulating Point Cards without even realizing it.

You can check on your Point Card total in the game’s File Menu, in the Checklist under Award Cards.


  • 10 Point Cards = Any Rarity 1 card of your choice
  • 20 Point Cards = Any Rarity 2 card of your choice
  • 30 Point Cards = Any Rarity 3 card of your choice
  • 50 Point Cards = Any Rarity 4 card of your choice
  • 60 Point Cards = Any Rarity 5 card of your choice


To cash in your point cards, login to the game and click redeem point cards on



Present Card

Special Prize Cards will appear randomly in the LOTTERY. To play, go to the SHOP TAB in the Alteil game.

Cards can also be recycled for 150 gran (in game currency). Available redeemable prizes will change every now and again. Keep your eye on this page! To redeem, simply email with “Prize Card” as the subject.
To redeem your prize you must:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must live in the U.S. and have a legal mailing address
  • Your account must be in good standing
  • You must have a Prize Card in your account

Starter Files

Refess Starter

Refess Soul Cards

Refess has the best Hit Points and Healing of all the colors. Its units have a mix of offensive and defensive abilities, usually focusing on supporting other units and bypassing enemy protections. They have good SP generation, but also they tend to have high SP consumption.

Refess Card Files don’t like to see their units go to the Cemetery. Rather than temporary gain, they go for stability, delivering their damage turn after turn. The weak point of Refess is its speed.

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Refess Starter File
Refess Starter File Extra Cards

Lawtia Starter

Lawtia Soul Cards

Lawtia is probably the most extreme of the colors, but it can also be the most powerful. If a Lawtia Iczer wins with only 1 LP remaining, his first thought is “all that matters is that I won.” In fact, you could say that if he had too much LP to spare, then he wasn’t dueling in the spirit of Lawtia. A Lawtia Iczer sacrifices his own units for immediate gain, then capitalizes on that gain to dominate his opponent.

Lawtia units have excellent offensive capabilities, unique powers, gain big bonuses during the night, and have the ability to burn away the enemy’s SP. Because of all of these factors, timing is absolutely vital for Lawtia. Lawtia units have above average speed and below average HP.

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Lawtia Starter File
Lawtia Starter File Extra Cards

Gowen Starter

Gowen Soul Cards

Gowen can be summed up in one word: explosive. With more SP-effecent pure fighters than anyone else, you’ll have a solid fighting force on the field quick. On top of that, Gowen has more inexpensive high AGI choices than any other color and Rank Up, the ability to level cards for more fighting ability.

Gowen Grimoire cards usually do straight damage and plenty of it, while support units give strong bonuses to AT. Gowen has the speed to take control of the field early, and the power to keep it.

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Gowen Starter File
Gowen Starter File Extra Cards

Falkow Starter

falkow Soul Cards

Falkow rewards card combos the way Lawtia rewards timing. It’s known as the thinking man’s sphere, but it has the potential to dominate any game. The strong points of Falkow are AGI manipulation and card Return.

Since a returned card can’t hurt anything, and going first means killing a unit before it even gets to attack, these are vital abilities that make up for Falkow’s low HP. Falkow card skills are versatile, so there’s a lot of room to leverage combos to control your enemy.

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falkow Starter File
falkow Starter File Extra Cards