New Shutdown date May 15

Hey all, we finally got the servers happy again. Everything got knocked out of wack when one disappeared. It turns out when you’re in the process of shutting down your team tends to get on with their lives – which involves stuff like getting new jobs or taking on more freelance work that make it way harder to help out Alteil in case of, you know – an emergency. Not that such a thing ever happens…

More importantly, this fix allowed me to get the 1 FM for 3 copies of all the cards pack up in the shop. So, everything is free. And so you can actually have time to do something with this, I’ve moved the shutdown date to May 15. If there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to try, now’s the (only) time! The pack is in the Card Shop and called EVERYTHING MUST GO.

In other news, I’ve been difficult to get ahold of lately because I’ve been working on my non-Alteil career. I had planned on doing it after the shut down, but a bunch of opportunities came up and I had to jump on them. Unfortunately, in my line of work opportunities are pretty rare, so missing one is often the end of your career forever, and I had to jump on it. It’s been keeping me crazy busy and on 3 hours of sleep a night, and that did not help fixing the above server situation much.

In other ALTEIL news, I have no immediate plans to move forward with any Alteil-related projects personally, but an image of the game will still exist, as will all the game data and account data. The JP team is still working on Alteil projects, and just maybe working on a new version of the game that rhymes with ‘Bandroid’. (You didn’t hear it from me.) I also am advising them on this project that may or may not exist. Should it be completed, they will have access to all my translations and data for an English language version. If you’re interested, I’ll probably post on the Alteil America Facebook page if there is any developments!


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