Alteil Networking Update

Honored Iczers,

I pushed an update this morning that updated the way messaging is sent between our servers and your browsers. For some users, that has been a bottleneck, and they will see drastic improvements in performance. (I went from getting like 20 FPS to getting 50-60 FPS, which I believe is the most Chrome will give you). This will also eliminate the ‘lag while chatting’ issue. We also upgraded the scrolling function on chat and the file editor, which should improve performance. For the file editor especially, the show all cards tab was kind of at the max Chrome could handle for number of cards and when we added more in the test environment it would lock up. Now it should perform regardless of the amount.  As an added convenience bonus, the ‘chat’ text now will only flash red a few times each time a message is sent when minimized, as opposed to flashing forever until you check your messages.

Keep in mind there’s a lot of new code here, though. That means there is a possibility for new bugs, so please report anything strange that happens to

WARNING — because we made changes to chat, the chat box may stop functioning if you have old versions of the chat files cached in your browser. If chat doesn’t respond, please clear browser cache or open a new incognito window.

Check it out everyone, and tell us what you think!



Lawtia Campaign Launches into Duchy of Crest


Greetings Iczers,

Our second campaign delves into the sphere of Lawtia, where you resume your quest to combat the ultimate evil. This time, you begin your journey as a low ranking member in the army of Crest. Your goal is to investigate the ruling Royal family and it’s ties to the Forces of Oblivion. However, you will discover many obstacles blocking your way….

Login and head over to the single player to experience our next batch of quests. Defeating each quest on normal and hard difficulties awards players with cards and materials with each first victory. As with Fortune, the boss (last) quest in the Lawtia campaign can be repeated daily for bonus materials.

In other news, one of our featured artists, ‘Yuji Kaida’ (Herald of Ruin / Behemoth, Water Emperor / Legrye) made headlines recently on Kaida created a fantastic rendition of a battle between Godzilla and Evangelion’s Unit 01.

That’s it for today, I’ll see you in the arena.


Spring 5 of 7 Beginning Next Week


Greetings Iczers,

We’d like to kick off the beginning of March with a 5 of 7 event. Our transfer to the new server is mostly finished, with service becoming noticeably more reliable and responsive for players.

To participate, all you have to do is play a duel on 5 of 7 days during the duration of the event. This only includes human opponents, so take a break from beating up on our poor NPCs and duke it out with one another! Duels must last at least 10 turns in order to count for the event-so give it your best shot and stick it out until the end of each match! Remember, Core legal files get a substantial boost to rewards in terms of cards, materials, and FM!

We’re going to be doing something different this time around in terms of prizes. Instead of randomly pulling from the pool of participants, we’ll be offering everyone a chance to rack up additional prizes.

All participating players will net themselves 10 point cards and 1 copy of Alternate Spring Art of Girl Spectre

Here’s where it starts to differentiate. We will have 2 additional tiers of prizes for participating players who play additional matches above 5 of 7 requirement. These additional matches can take place on any day-just make sure to play on 5 of the 7 qualifying days to begin with.

Players that participate in at least 10 matches during the duration of the event, will score an additional 10 point cards and 1 copy of Alternate Spring Art of Magic Doll -Knight-

Finally, players that go above and beyond and participate in 20 matches during the event will earn 10 more point cards (total of 30), 1 copy of Alternate Spring Art: Cursed Siren / Metia, AND 1 copy of Alternate Spring Art: Last Hunter / Cassandra.

This event will begin next week starting at 12:01AM (EST) on 2/29/16 and will continue until 3/6/16 at 11:59PM (EST). Players using Core legal files during this event will gain an additional 25% in FM as well! 

And those are all the details for next week’s 5 of 7! Leave a comment here or post on our freshly made forums to let us know what you think. Stay tuned for more news in the upcoming weeks!



Server Transferred, Further Updates Underway



I am pleased to announce that we have made the initial transfer from our old server to AWS (Amazon Web Services). What this means is that you can now expect much more reliable service with a significant reduction in crashes in duels.

The transfer is still relatively new so we are still tweaking some settings on the new server, so please let us know if you encounter any unusual problems. We are also still setting up the tutorial, which we expect to be done relatively soon as well.

Head on over to the arena and give the new server a spin!


30% Increase on FM for Core Files this Weekend!



Greetings Iczers,

For this upcoming weekend, all players using Core legal files in the arena will gain an additional 30% FM for all duels! Not sure if your file is Core legal? Head over to the file editor and tick the “Horizons legal only” box at the top of the filter.

This event begins starting at Friday 2/12/16 12:01AM (EST) and will continue until Sunday 2/14/16 11:59PM (EST)

I’ll see you in the arena,


Prizes for 5 of 7 Out, Grand Prize Winners!



I am pleased to announce that all participants for last week’s 5 of 7 event have been awarded their prizes! This includes our randomly chosen grand prize winner who is….


Followed by our 3 runner up participants:




That’s it! Thank you to everyone who participated. Stay tuned to the news feed for our next event and upcoming announcements.

See you in the arena,


Winter 5 of 7 Next Week!

zagarHonored Iczers,

Next week, we will be running a Winter-themed 5 of 7 event! It will begin next Monday 2/1/16 at 12:01AM (EST) and end on 2/7/16 at 11:59PM (EST) Players who participate in this event will earn 10 point cards (used to pinpoint any normal rarity card) and 1 Winter-seasonal copy of: Refugee Flying Apprentice

How do you participate? Simple. All you have to do is duel on 5 of 7 days during the duration of the event. This includes only human opponents, so don’t be afraid to hit that search button! Also, duels must last at least 10 turns in order to count for the event. Remember, Core legal files get a substantial boost to the treasure you receive at the end of a duel in terms of materials, cards, and FM!

Speaking of Core files, players using Core legal files during this event will earn 25% more FM then normal. How do you know if your file is Core legal? Head over to the file editor and tick the “Horizons Legal Only” box at the top of the filter.

In addition, we will be selecting 1 random participant to be the grand prize winner whom will receive 2 Winter copies of: Roaming Predator / Asuet 

3 additional runner up participants will receive 2 Winter copies of: Lion Baron / Zagar

That’s it! I hope to see everyone in the arena next week.


Treasure and FM UP by 30% Next Week!

Greetings Iczers,

Beginning next Monday on 1/18/16 we will be increasing treasure battle frequency and FM gains by 30% for Core legal files! That means players in a duel while a using Core file will earn 30% more FM then normally and the winner has a 30% increased chance of netting a card from the duel! This stacks in addition to the bonuses you receive from playing Core files. 

This temporary boost will last approximately 1 week, until the following Sunday on 1/24/16. I would like to emphasize that this promotion only applies if all the cards in your file are Core legal. Not sure if your file is Core ready? Head over to the File editor and tick that box at the top that says “Horizons Legal Only” and the editor will filter out your non-core cards.

If you haven’t taken the plunge into exploring Alteil: Horizons tournament legal format, now is a great time to give the Core set a try!

I’ll see you in the arena,

More Materials in Quests!

Honored Iczers,

We have implemented a change today that drastically increases the amount of materials players receive from accomplishing their objectives in quests. Each quest will now drop 10 random materials on both normal and hard difficulties the first time you win. Boss quests (currently Fortune is the only one) are still repeatable and will also reward players 10 random materials for winning. 

If you haven’t checked out the new quests yet then now’s the perfect time to do so! Head on over to the Single Player and give Inquisitor Fortune a thorough thrashing!

See you in the arena,

12/25/15 Update

Honored Iczers and supporters,
It’s been a while since we’ve been able to push changes from our test servers to our live servers, due to so many components being worked on at one time. I’d want to push a fix to one component, but it would require pushing another component live at the same time – and that one would currently be in the middle of a different upgrade. Thankfully, we’re finally at a point where we can catch with up all the work we’ve been doing and get it in front of our players.

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