Drafting Comes to Alteil


Drafting is Alteil’s newest feature, and one that provides a huge benefit to players both new and old. The most basic benefit of drafting is that your ability to win is 100% dependent on your skills drafting the cards, building decks, and playing the game. It doesn’t matter if you own a million cards or three. It doesn’t matter if you’re level 1 or 1000. Drafting provides a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.

You draft by going to the SHOP and getting a draft entry ticket. This includes the five drafting packs needed to play. Then go to the ARENA, and you’ll see an option to start drafting.

Alteil’s ‘Rolling Draft; is based on tabletop card drafting. In tabletop card drafting, players each buy some packs, all open them at the table, everyone picks a card from the newly opened pack, and passes the pack on. Packs are passed around until all the cards are picked, and then you open the next pack. Continue until everyone has picked a big pile of cards. This is the part of the process called DRAFTING.

To enable players to begin or end drafting at any time in Alteil (so you’re not sitting there waiting for people to pick and hoping they don’t get called away from the computer), the drafting process is done against 3 virtual drafters (AIs who select cards and pass the rest). However, any card you pass up on is much more likely to shop up for other players who draft after you – while any card you choose becomes less likely to show up for later players when they draft.

IMPORTANT! You may use up to 3 copies of any common card you draft in the draft tournament battles that follow. You may also use up to 2 copies of any rare. Of course, when you keep your cards after the draft (more on that below) you only keep the number of copies you actually physically selected during the draft.

Once you have your cards, it’s time to build a deck. Click on the EDIT FILE button that appears in arena. Once you have a valid deck, you will get the option to search for duels.  The tournament is over when you’ve completed 5 duels, or after 12 hours. You must complete 5 battles win or lose to get tournament prizes, although you will still get rewards for each battle as if they were Horizons Core battles. The battles also count toward any battling events that might be ongoing.


There are two kind of tournament tickets. Gran tickets, and FM tickets. The only difference is the prizes you get. FM is currency you earn by battling, Gran is currency you get in the cash shop.

GRAN DRAFT TOURNAMENT – You always keep ALL the cards you draft, and the drop rates are equal or better than any other packs available in the store. With the degree of control you have picking cards, this is an excellent deal before you even get into the actual draft!  Gran Drafters also get bonus FM, Materials, Point Cards, based on how many wins, and if you get a perfect record you get your drafting ticket back!

FM DRAFT TOURNAMENT – You always keep ALL the 1* common cards you draft. If you get a perfect record, you keep the 2* cards too. FM Drafters also get bonus FM and Materials at the end of the tournament. If you get 4 out of 5 wins, you get your drafting ticket back!


The best part of drafting is its accessibility for new and free players. You can get 20-75 FM per battle, so 500 FM for a tournament isn’t too difficult. You also get a free FM tournament ticket at level 4. A new or free player can spend most of his time drafting while enjoying a level playing field! The best part is that you accumulate cards as you draft, so you’ll have a collection before you know it!

10/28/16 Steam Update


Honored Iczers and supporters,

These past 24 hours have been a challenging learning experience for us. We have encountered a number of obstacles for players that we are doing our best to remove and correct.

We have been reviewing all of the reports we have been receiving and combing for bugs. There is a critical underlying communication error that Logress (one of our programmers) is currently writing a fix for. Currently, we estimate a fix should be up and patched in by tonight.

Thank you all for your reports and feedback. We will strive to do our best to create a smooth and seamless experience for players. There will be another update this upcoming Sunday and we will do our best to capture as many bugs as possible and fix them. With your reports, we can fix them faster and more thoroughly.

Thank you all for your continued support,


Make an Impact on Alteil: Horizons – Steam Reviews

zagarHonored Iczers and supporters,

I would like to take a moment to recognize the importance of Alteil: Horizon’s debut on Steam. A successful launch could bring in thousands of new players to play against and support future content development for the foreseeable future. With your help, we can pull it off.

How? If you aren’t registered to Steam yet, I encourage you to do so here. After you do so, install Steam onto your device and head over to Alteil: Horizon’s Steam page. On every game’s Steam page, players can provide their own input and review a game. We strongly encourage you to write a review for Alteil: Horizons. This allows other potential players who may not have heard of Alteil before to get an idea of what kind of game Alteil is.  Please provide your honest opinion and weigh the pros against the cons. We understand Alteil: Horizons isn’t a perfect game, but we strive every day to provide a fantastic service and play experience for all of our players.

We’ll be honest here – there is a lot of content on Steam, and indie games like Alteil have a lot to prove – both to potential players skimming over 100s of titles, and Steam itself. A big-budget game can weather some negative reviews, but a small game could find itself in trouble. A strong showing of positive reviews on our Steam page could have the opposite effect for many potential players – perhaps they’ll take a minute or two to learn more about this odd looking game called “Alteil: Horizons”. If Alteil has a substantial number of positive reviews, it also empowers us to participate in the future Steam sales and encourage Steam to feature us in future promotions. This means more visibility for Alteil: Horizons and more potential players joining us.

With your help, we’ll be able to compete against the big titles with lavish marketing budgets. If we can pull off a successful launch together, the future for Alteil: Horizons will be secure and we can continue to grow and add additional features. The choice is yours.

Thank you so much to all of our players who have made it this far with us, and we look forward to meeting many more potential players as we head into this next chapter. It has been a fantastic learning opportunity for all of us here at Apocoplay.

See you in the arena,


Steam Kickoff and Promotions!


Honored Iczers and supporters,

It is with great pleasure that I am to announce that Alteil: Horizons will be released on Steam later this evening at 8PM (EST). The client will be free to download and install to your Steam library.

We are rolling out a number of promotions and events to celebrate this momentous occasion. Unless noted otherwise, they are to take effect immediately as of this post and will end this Sunday at 11:59PM (EST).

  1. To begin with, all player vs. player duels will receive a 50% bonus to FM and materials gained at the end of each duel.
  2. Core packs and boxes will have their gran prices reduced by 15%.
  3. Boxes and packs from expansions Silver Dawn (Set 13) and War Heroes (Set 12) will have their gran prices reduced by 20%.
  4. The EX Sphere lottos for each of the 4 spheres will be returning for a limited time!
  5. All players who login and play within the first 12 hours of launch (8PM EST- 8AM EST tomorrow) will have 100 gran awarded to their Iczer

There will also be an event running this weekend beginning immediately that any Iczer can participate in. All you have to do is play a duel against another player for at least 10 turns and you can qualify for the following prizes:

  1. Participate in at least 1 battle, earn two point cards and a copy of Samurai Girl (Halloween).
  2. Participate in at least 5 battles, earn 10 point cards and a copy of Samurai Girl (Halloween) and Devouring Lizard (Halloween)
  3. Participate in at least 10 battles, you will instead earn 20 point cards and a copy of Samurai Girl, Devouring Lizard, and Knight of Fraility / Etoile (Halloween)


Next, we are pleased to announce that we will have unique DLC that can be purchased through Steam. Each pack can be purchased once per Steam account and have exceptional value.

  1. Four individual pre-built files that feature files from each four spheres: Behemoths of the Sea (Falkow), Lapierre Legion (Refess), King of the Orks (Gowen), and Undead Horde (Lawtia).
  2. A unique Halloween alternate art pack that includes 7 cards: Prototype Form / Noze, Fire Sorceress / Addition, Lycanthrope [Seraph], Cemetery Rats, Girl Druid, Amethyst Carbuncle, and Will o’ the Wisp
  3. Each of the unique 4 pre-built packs also includes 500 bonus gran, 10 point cards (can be used to redeem specific normal rarity cards), and 6 months of premium status applied to your Iczer. All four packs also come with an FM drafting ticket that can be used in the arena to have a chance of winning additional cards!
  4. The Halloween pack also includes: 3 months of premium, 5 point cards, FM draft ticket, and 500 gran. Please be aware that the Halloween pack is only available for a limited time until 11/1/16!
  5. Each DLC pack includes a bonus avatar that you can show off in the arena.



Finally, we would like to reveal four new recipes that can be used in crafting to significantly boost a player’s chance to receive the specified card. We have selected a rarity three star card from each sphere of Lavatos (Falkow, Refess, Gowen, and Lawtia

  1. Refess: Knight of Fraility / Etoile
  2. Lawtia: Killing Machine / Lebeau
  3. The Magician / Primrose
  4. Falkow: Azure Dragon – East / Vordore

These recipes will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned for details!

We hope you are as excited as we are to be moving into the next chapter for Alteil: Horizons. As always, we do love to hear from players- concerns, questions, or compliments of any kind. Engage with us on Steam’s discussions, Facebook, Twitter, or the forums! If you require player support, you can reach us by e-mailing logress@apocoplay.com

Thank you so much for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy Alteil: Horizons.

See you in the arena,


A Look at the Alteil Steam Client

The Steam release is just around the corner! And that means if you go to our Steam Store you’ll be able to download the Steam Client. But what is the Steam Client exactly, and how does it relate to the browser version?

First the bad news, the Steam Client was made with Chromium, which means that on the surface, it won’t work much differently than the browser version. Anyone looking for a new interface will have to wait until we get a mobile / tablet version.

But the big advantage to Chromium is absolute seamless cross-platform play between the Steam and browser versions. Similarly, there will be a completely level playing field between the two. In addition we’ve added two killer features to the Steam Client.

  1. Zero Load Times – In addition to the images being loaded locally from your hard disc as opposed to the browser version, which loads from the internet, will obviously provide a bit of a speed boost. But the real story is instant switching between components. For example, going from the Home page to the Arena to the File Editor. All instant! Battles will still have to load, since they aren’t created until you click the button. However, after the first load the images will all be cached, and subsequent loading should be pretty quick.
  2. Account Manager – When you run the Steam Client, you’ll find yourself in the account manager. You can associate any number of Alteil accounts (or Iczers) with your Steam account, and choose one with one click from the Account Manager, The Steam Client keeps track of your accounts and passwords for you! This also lets you add your legacy Alteil accounts and existing browser accounts to your Steam client with a few clicks, and accounts associated with Steam (or even created from scratch from within the Steam client) can still be used in the browser version!

So is the Steam Client right for you? Give it a try! The best part is its versatility, so you can use it for speed on your main machine, and then just log into your account from the browser whenever your using someone else’s machine.


Steam Launch Delayed to October


Honored Iczers and supporters,

It brings me no joy to announce that our team has experienced a heavy setback. Our project lead, Sean (Logress) Molyneaux, is in the midst of handling a family emergency. Unfortunately, that means work on Alteil: Horizons has been delayed in light of this crisis. We will be unable to launch on Steam this month as we had originally planned. Our new goal is to shoot for next month (October).

We understand how frustrating this may be to players and trust me, we’re in the exact same boat. Once again thank you for your patience and support for Alteil: Horizons.

I hope to see you in the arena,


Gowen Campaign Launches!


Honored Iczers,

Venture into the wastelands and traverse one of the most dangerous locations in Lavato: In our first Gowen campaign, you will travel with Gunner Girl / Yuni and continue your mission to hunt down the Agents of Oblivion. Do your best to uncover their plans and disrupt their schemes to serve Batora. Along the way you will encounter a variety of characters-friends, enemies, and some who are in between. In this campaign, players can expect new mission types-including a siege mission. Head over to the Single Player and plunge into the wild west of Lavato- The Grand Surface.


Shop Update: Sell and Buy Individual Cards!


Honored Iczers,

I am pleased to announce a major update for the shop. Effective immediately, all players will now be able to sell and buy individual cards from other/to other players in the shop. Logress has written more details outlining the nature of this update and what players can expect going forward into the future. Please take a minute to read it.

First the good news — basic functionality for PLAYERS SELLING CARDS has been added to the shop. That bad news is that it is currently very simple and pretty limited.

You can consider this “Marketplace Beta”. Since I am still swamped finalizing the Steam Client (which, by the way — is almost ready and a game changer, letting you switch between File, Arena, Single Player, etc — with zero load) I had to keep it quick and simple. For this kind of feature, the real “hard part” is balancing it and thinking of exploits, so I just kind of played it safe (this explains most of my decisions, if anything has you baffled). Like I said, it’s currently a Beta feature, and any and all decisions we’ve made about it are up for discussion and change. Nothing is set in stone yet, and since it’s a very player driven feature — after all, it is the players who are putting their cards up for sale, and otherwise managing the inventory — we’ll be very interested in what you think.

The name for this feature is the “Singles Card Shop” which is to be found in the Shop area– click on it, and you’ll see an option to SELL CARDS on the right.

To sell a card, click on the card, then choose a price and hit sell in the bottom window.

You can see your current sales on the left. Click on one to remove it. Once it is sold, it will be tagged SOLD in red. Click on that to claim your Gran.

Currently it’s a Gran only system. Anyone with gran can buy, but only Premium users can sell (note — Kickstarters can activate their Premium by going to dashboard.alteil2.com and selecting Rewards from the left-hand menu)

House takes 15%.

You can sell as many cards as you want, but you have to add them one at a time (because complex UI is very time consuming for me to build, and I can’t stay away from steam for too long)

There is a max and minimum price based on various factors.

The minimum is there to avoid balance issues from a player flooding the market with a card.

The maximum is there to avoid the following situation: “I’ll murder you if you nerf this card, because I just spent 100$ a copy on it!”

The system only allows you to sell Gran cards (this is a side effect of a gran only system — otherwise you could convert FM to gran).

The system doesn’t let you sell the card if it is not sure where it came from — various tags (gran, prize card, level up card) were added over time, and if you got a card when its tag didn’t exist, the system may not know where you got it.)

There are no mouse overs (again, time consuming) but it does note alternate art, rarity, and if it’s core legal or not.

Cards put “for sale” do not appear right away, they will appear within a few hours or a few days. So if you change your mind about selling a card, you can probably take it down before any harm done.

You do not have access to a card that you’ve put for sale, even if it has not yet been purchased. After putting a card for sale please check any decks that may contain a copy of it to make sure they’re still valid.


40% Bonus FM for Core Battles this Weekend!


Honored Iczers,

Effective immediately, this weekend will boost FM by 40% for all Iczers using core legal files in duels against other players. This is a great way to rake in the FM to buy Core items in the shop-packs, boxes, and lotto.

Head over to the arena with your core legal files and battle it for the glory of the Gods of Lavato!


Seasonal Sale this Weekend!


Honored Iczers,

For this weekend beginning tonight at 12:01 AM (EST), we will be holding another sale of alternate seasonal art. There are dozens of variants, featuring cards from each sphere of Lavatos. The only cards excluded from this list are Kickstarter exclusives (such as Legendary Heroine / Catira).

These cards will be available through a seasonal exclusive lottery and seasonal exclusive packs. Seasonal packs have a 100% chance to contain a rarity 3 or higher card in each pack.

This sale will end on Sunday 5/8/16 at 11:59PM (EST), so please be sure to keep that in mind!

See you in the arena,


seasonal folrart