CotF – Boy Combat Priest

Boy Combat PriestChallenge of the Fortnight: Boy Combat Priest

(For the period of 8/20/09 – 9/2/09)

The fortnights definitely come by faster than anticipated, but once again it is time for another Challenge of the Fortnight. Though some of the previous challenges have not been judged as of yet, please rest assured that they will be soon. But enough about the past, let us gaze upward and toward the future. The wheel has spun and fallen on Refess yet again, and this particular fellow has been on my radar ever since Alteil began. My fellow Iczers, please take a closer look at the Boy Combat Priest.

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CotF – EX: Azure Dragon – East / Vordore Reminder

Just another small reminder that the EX: Vordore Challenge of the Fortnight is scheduled to end tonight at 11:59 PM EST. Given the fact that my reminder and judging of previous fornight challenges is a bit late, I will be willing to accept entries beyond the cutoff. Just be sure to get them in within a reasonable time frame. Let’s say within 24 hours of the cutoff time tonight. Good luck with those Files, Iczers!

Across the Spectrum

One day, it was decided that Alteil needed a new event. The Challenge of the Fortnight had proven to be a popular way of getting Iczers to think creatively, so why not add another? Thus was born Across the Spectrum, which focuses on the concept of constructing card files that utilize multiple spheres of influence.

The Details
Coordinator: Arakis
Begins: Approximately 12:00 PM EST Monday Mornings
Ends: Precisely 12:00 PM EST Monday Mornings two weeks later

 Please note: Across the Spectrum is not currently active. 

The basic idea of Across the Spectrum is to take two or more sphere colors, and construct a competitive card file using a synergistic combination of cards from said colors. Soul card colors aren’t necessarily important, so the soul cards you use came be from any sphere, but try to keep soul skills in mind when considering synergy. For each installment of the contest, either a two-color combination will be specified when it starts, or otherwise contestants can use any combination they like. Inserting a third and/ or fourth color in your card file is always allowed, but it should really only be done for a good reason that enhances its functionality. Iczers are encouraged to think beyond simply splashing a low-level card or two from color A into a predominantly color B deck. It’s not necessary to own every card that’s in the deck you design–theoretical card files are welcome. Once you have everything together, email your entry to:

Be sure to include the following:

  1. Your Iczer name
  2. Your File’s name
  3. A full card list that also includes the Soul Cards (in order)
  4. A description of how the strategy works, including opening sequences, if applicable

Files will be judged on the basis of:

  1. Synergy – What is it about this multi-color combo that makes it click so well?
  2. Effectiveness – Is it a viable deck when played in an official arena?

When judging occurs, the first aspect that is examined is synergy. If your file manages to utilize a multi-color strategy that stands out from the pack and unlock the potential of the cards involved, there’s a good chance it will be noticed enough to become one of the finalists. But don’t forget about effectiveness. It’s best to strike a balance between that and synergy, as a card file that embodies multi-sphere synergy well, and also plays effectively, will stand a strong chance of winning first place. Generally, entries are narrowed down to six (or slightly more) finalists based primarily on which appear to have the best synergy. These finalists are then tested in the training arena during judging week to determine their effectiveness. Once testing is complete, the file that is judged to best satisfy the contest criteria will be declared the winner.

It’s recommended that before entering, you review past winners of Across the Spectrum. As time goes by and sphere combinations are revisited, the chance of conceptual repetition will increase. In order to make your entry stand out better, try to avoid duplicating a synergy/strategy that was already used by a previous winner. But if you do want to reuse an idea, try to include enough changes and/or improvements that it can stand as its own concept. Please note that this restriction applies primarily to previous first place winners, and less so to runners up.

In the event that a new set of cards is released during an Across the Spectrum submission period, Iczers who already submitted during that period will be allowed to resubmit an entry that incorporates the new cards if they wish to do so.

The Prizes

  1. 20 Point Cards for 1st place
  2. 2 Point Cards each for 5 runners up.

Across the Spectrum events will be announced on Mondays, and will last for two weeks. Then there will be 1 week for judging, and the winner will be announced. After that there will be at least a one week break before the next contest. Therefore, Across the Spectrum will be held slightly less often then Challenge of the Fortnight, but has slightly higher prizes.


Past Challenges

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Challenge noun:
A call to take part in a contest. A task that tests one’s ability.

Fortnight noun:
A chiefly British term that means a period of two weeks.

Current Challenge

Card FileThe Details
Coordinator:  Arakis (formerly CSquared (Pronounced “see-skwayrd”), a non-GM staff member of Alteil)
Begins: Approximately 12:00 noon EST Mondays
Ends: Precisely 12:00 noon EST Monday, two weeks later

The History
This is a regular mini-event that began as the brainchild of CSquared due to assertations in the Alteil forums that the Rapidshot Magic Archer was a worthless card (at the time, RMA only did 50% of her AT to two targets). Being the self-appointed “patron saint” of all hidden-gem cards deemed worthless, CSquared took it upon himself to prove that it just wasn’t so. After successfully proving his point (and scaring a veteran Iczer or two), he then challenged others to do the same, thus sparking a regular GM-sanctioned event to get people’s creative juices flowing.  After an extended hiatus, the contest was adopted by GM Arakis, who now alternates it with his Arakis’ Quest contest.

The Rules
The Challenge of the Fortnight occurs on a regular basis, giving Iczers two weeks to come up with File ideas for a particular card. At least one week is then taken for judging, with the results being posted the week following the end of the submission period. Unless otherwise stated, the challenge card is always to be used in the body of the File, not as a Soul Card. At any point during the two weeks, Iczers may formulate, test, and submit their File. E-mail your submission to:

Be sure your entry includes the following:

1) Your Iczer name
2) Your File’s name
3) A full card list that also includes the Soul Cards
4) A description of how the strategy works 

If you have access to premium features, you may also submit a REPLAY URL of your entry in play.  This can help illustrate the intended strategy, but doing this is completely optional on your part. 

Files will be judged by a panel of Alteil staff members on the basis of:

1) Innovation (Using card combinations never previously thought of before)
2) Strategy (How effective the Iczer is at utilizing higher-level tactics)
3) Effectiveness (How competitive the File is)

Note 1) The above is the order of priority, and innovation will always trump effectiveness. The innovation should also directly involve the card in question. The point is to find things that others may never have considered, not to create the newest top dog in the Folrart arena (though the winning File may have a great impact on that particular area, naturally).

Note 2) You do NOT need to own all the cards to participate, theory is welcome, although you will not be eligible for the bonus prize. You can also ask other Iczers to test certain combos out for you if you don’t have the cards.

Note 3) Only one entry will be accepted per player.  This includes alternate accounts, so you can’t get around this rule by submitting additional entries using an alt.

Note 4) In the event that any new cards are released during a submission period, those new cards will not be eligible for inclusion in your entry.  Only the cards that had already been released when the submission period began may be used in any given Fortnight.

The Prizes
1. 20 Point Cards for 1st place

2. 5 Point Cards each for 2nd through 5th place

3. 2 Point Cards each for 6th through 10th place 

Bonus Prize
The 1st place winner also gets 150 gran if the File in question has more than five wins (Be sure not to change the File once you have achieved 5 wins so that it can be verified.)

Past Challenges

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Past Challenge Results

Legendary Unicorn Elder Druid Boy Combat Priest EX: Azure Dragon – East Vordore Heierrat Army Crest Cursed Swordsman Folrart Spear Knight Wizard Soldier of Regus and Girl Spectre Efreet Crest Paladin No Results Defensive Maneuvers Battle Mage of Regus Monk of the Single Strike Holy Mother of Blood / Velvet Armed Citizen Swan Cavalier Ancient Zombie Lord Rapid Shot Magic Archer and Ignition