New Feature: Legacy Challenge

Hey all,

As we’re hunting down any possible remaining bugs, we’ve been trying to sneak in feature requests here and there. For example, the CARD SHOP now has a SEARCH feature. It is very handy in the Singles section where you buy individual cards, because it can easily have over a thousand options to look through.

But our newest feature is LEGACY CHALLENGE. Some users with very large card collections have requested having something to do with all their non-core cards.  The Legacy Challenge is a feature where if you build a Legacy deck with limitations, then you can get treasure as if it was a Core battle (meaning, much higher treasure rates and rewards), and the limitations will change weekly.  For now, there’s just one limitation. 50% or more of the deck must be of a specifically chosen Legacy Expansion (chosen at random each week), although based on player feedback we might add more.

For more information, you can now mouse over the little symbols on the left side of your deck in the Card File Editor. There you will see the sphere symbols as you always have, and also the Core symbol, but I’ve added a Legacy symbol, and also a Legacy Challenge symbol if you deck is valid for the current Legacy Challenge.

So, this week’s Legacy Challenge is…KEEPERS OF CHAOS! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, start your Rubens!



Arakis’ Quest – the Illustrator Team Quest 4/26/10-5/10/10

We’re going to try some thing a bit different.  It’s a slight variation on the idea of Arakis’ Quest, something I’m going to call a Team Quest.  What this means is, all (or in some cases, a subset of) currently released cards will be allowed, but they’ll bedivided into “teams”.  When you craft your entry, you’ll need to choose one of these teams and only use cards from it.  In honor of the recently- released EX 6, which focuses on the work of artist Katsuya Terada, this Team Quest will be based on card art, specifically, which illustrator drew each card.


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Arakis’ Quest – The Long Range Quest 2/1/10 – 2/15/10

When setting up field presence in Alteil, one of the most basic principles upon which many files operate is that you should have a strong front line. Usually, these front line cards are units with a RNG stat of 1. This way, both front lines tend to beat on each other, and the rest of the cards on the field are for support of some kind. What happens if we take away all those short-range cards…?

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Arakis’ Single Copy Quest Results

Even in the face of heavy handicap, there are viable strategies that can be played so long as you have the right cards. Sometimes even a single copy of those cards is enough, even in Alteil. That’s what this Quest proved. It’s not easy, that’s true. But it can still be done.

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Arakis’ Quest – the 6LP Quest Results

Wow, this Quest easily holds the record for most delayed.  That’s kind of ironic since all the entries only had 6LP.  These were some fast-moving files, and high aggression was (usually) the name of the game.  The poor NPCs didn’t stand much of a chance, and in some cases, neither did the finalist test deck.  Soooo here we go!

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Arakis’ Quest – The Single Copy Quest 1/4/10 – 1/18/10

It’s a new year, and a new Quest. It feels like it’s time to try something really out in left field, and maybe prove a point in the process. It’s a commonly-held belief, and not an unfounded one, that to build a successful card file in Alteil you need full playsets of the cards therein. This means, in nearly all cases, 3 copies of each unit. There are a few units that work with just 1 or 2 copies, and grimoires are of course a different story altogether. What say we turn this standard on its head?

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Arakis’ Quest – the 6LP Quest 12/7/09-12/21/09

In our last installment, you Iczers had to jump through a lot of hoops to come up with your contest entries. The odd thing is, I received a record number of entries despite this. That doesn’t change the fact that many players found it difficult to build a file around such a detailed set of guidelines, so this time we’re simplifying things.

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Arakis’ Quest – the Custom Starter Quest Results

This Quest saw the setting of multiple records. First, I received nearly thirty entries. That blows all the other Quests (and Spectrums) out of the water. Well, maybe it’s not that dramatic but it’s still a record. Second, these files beat the NPCs on average must more quickly and soundly than did those from the previous Quests. The masses have spoken, and you have some good ideas for new starter designs. So without further ado…

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