Rankings Update

…and here’s your top 5 Iczers and top 3 guilds! Enjoy.


  1. Mavel
  2. FireGon
  3. Xideru
  4. evit
  5. worthing


  1. Order of the Black Knights
  2. Royal Flush
  3. SRX Team

24 Hours of no Sleep and 118 Hours of Rankings…

[begin LUPOS EDIT] I’m going to chalk it up to sleep deprivation but so help me if you ever call me “your” sidekick again you’ll be hand coding the rankings in tables every week from here till eternity! 😛 [end lupos edit]

Yes you’ve heard right. I, Edgar Figaro, and my trusty sidekick Lupos have been up all hours of the night trying to bring the new Alteil experience to you, the user. A better design you asked for? DONE! Duel spectating? GOT THAT! Non Playing Characters with varying levels of difficulty? CHECK! We even have support for cellphone play with our new java app! Oh heh, no not really. We’re not THAT crazy and ambitious.

We have a strong hunch that rankings are going to be forever changed from here on out. Things are really going to start heating up. Get out there. Go duel! Break out all your tricks and combos. Remember… You’re the best around, nothings gonna ever keep you down…

As always, anyone who has fought in the arena at least once, get a minimum of 10 gran. Coming soon will be your top 5 and top 3 guilds. We’re fixing our scripts to jive with the new site. Check back for updates.


So, now you can watch others duel. But what does that mean to you? How does that make you FEEL?

Well, if you hit BATTLE START in any arena, then you’ll be matched up with anyone, but it will favor others who choose Battle Start.  If you click on the Random Private duel button above, it will ONLY pair you up with other users looking for a private duel.  If either Iczer in a match asked for a private duel, the duel will be private. If neither specified a private duel, then anyone can watch by clicking on it.

And why should you let someone watch you? Give a away your secrets? (pressssssious sssssecrets…) Well, you get BONUS EXP and BONUS FIGHT MONEY.  I believe its 1.5 X normal EXP and 2 X FM.

So, let them watch you duel! You’ll get some benefits and you’ll make it easier for other Iczers to learn the game and see how strategies work in practice.  Also, if you use this feature to record duels and upload them to YouTube, be sure to tag them “Alteil.”

Registration is Back up

Registration should be fixed now.  It was having some issues after the site transfer, but now it’s A-OK.


Here’s a little run down on the new Avatar shop.  You may notice that there are a bunch of extra layers, like BACKPACK which has nothing in it yet, but will eventually have wings, backpacks, sheathed swords and other things you carry on your back.  As for HAIR, it’s now a separate layer.  This makes it impossible to have outfits and hats on the same layer.  (the Hats will appear under the hair), so hats have been moved into Accessories; although some hair has ‘built in’ hats as well.

You also may notice there are a lot of redundant avatars.  This is because we’ve split some avatars from their weapons and hair.  Right now we’ve kept the redundancies in the shop so no one is taken by surprise but ALL REDUNDANT AVATARS WILL BE REMOVED ON AUGUST 10TH. (so if you have your heart set on one, get it now)

If you’ve already bought an avatar with a fixed hat and it has vanished, we will give you a free Accessories-layer hat in the next few days.  If you have a multi-layer avatar with weapons and stuff, we will be splitting it into its component avatars some time this week.  One exception, MAGIC DOLL AVATARS WILL BE UNCHANGED.  It would be just way too much effort to make them work with everything else, and they look good as is.  Also ADVENTURE SCOUT has been renamed GIRL MERCENARY for obvious reasons.

List of Avatars that will be phased out on August 10th. Remember, all of them can still be made with various layers put together.

-Lavato Citizen Female and Male, all versions A-C

-PD Base Male and Female, all versions (the ones with hair attached) A-L

-Guard Leader Empowered

-Amazon Outfit -Spear-

-Magic Archer Equipped

-Bear Killer with Axe

-Blessed Knight With Arms

-Martial Artists with God Lance

-Guardian Equipped

-Samurai Girl with Katana

-Rapier Fencer Armed



Ok, so, here it is. A bunch of changes.

1) Whole new site! Please bare with us as we finish up a few new features and work on copying over the articles form the old site that need copying. For now I recommend the Guild section and the rulebook (which is juuuuust about finished).

2) The forums look different! That’s actually not intentional. But everything is there and working. Just a styling issue we are still trying to iron out.

3)Thats it? HECK NO! We now have duel spectating! It’s all the magic of alteil but with your good old alteil 1 cards!

4) All the magic… does that mean an npc as well? My you are a clever one! Yes it does! We have single player Alteil. Just go to the game tab and click on single player mode. There are 3 different difficulty levels. Go nuts!

Beyond all that just please excuse the mess as we continue to finish up. These things never go as smoothly as we hope… I haven’t slept in about 20 hours at this point… but I think everything should be working. As usual please email admin@alteil.com if anything isn’t working for you.

Also it may take a little while for all of the internet to decide to use our new web servers ip address so if the URL for the site is showing up as for you just please try and ignore it. If you come to any sections of the site that don’t work because they have the old IP address just replace www.alteil.com with in the address bar (like the forum).

Changes in the Avatar shop

We are working on the new avatar system, and we’ve actually uploaded new versions of most of the avatars on the server. Most of you won’t notice a difference, there were a lot of tweak a pixel there and tweak a pixel here kinds of adjustments. The one exception is hats. You see, you’ve all lost your hats. Well, not exactly lost, but we’ve kind of moved them to their own layer… which technically doesn’t exist yet. But rest assured, it will exist soon and then we’ll give you all your hats back sometime early next week. We apologize for the inconvenience.