Steam Kickoff and Promotions!


Honored Iczers and supporters,

It is with great pleasure that I am to announce that Alteil: Horizons will be released on Steam later this evening at 8PM (EST). The client will be free to download and install to your Steam library.

We are rolling out a number of promotions and events to celebrate this momentous occasion. Unless noted otherwise, they are to take effect immediately as of this post and will end this Sunday at 11:59PM (EST).

  1. To begin with, all player vs. player duels will receive a 50% bonus to FM and materials gained at the end of each duel.
  2. Core packs and boxes will have their gran prices reduced by 15%.
  3. Boxes and packs from expansions Silver Dawn (Set 13) and War Heroes (Set 12) will have their gran prices reduced by 20%.
  4. The EX Sphere lottos for each of the 4 spheres will be returning for a limited time!
  5. All players who login and play within the first 12 hours of launch (8PM EST- 8AM EST tomorrow) will have 100 gran awarded to their Iczer

There will also be an event running this weekend beginning immediately that any Iczer can participate in. All you have to do is play a duel against another player for at least 10 turns and you can qualify for the following prizes:

  1. Participate in at least 1 battle, earn two point cards and a copy of Samurai Girl (Halloween).
  2. Participate in at least 5 battles, earn 10 point cards and a copy of Samurai Girl (Halloween) and Devouring Lizard (Halloween)
  3. Participate in at least 10 battles, you will instead earn 20 point cards and a copy of Samurai Girl, Devouring Lizard, and Knight of Fraility / Etoile (Halloween)


Next, we are pleased to announce that we will have unique DLC that can be purchased through Steam. Each pack can be purchased once per Steam account and have exceptional value.

  1. Four individual pre-built files that feature files from each four spheres: Behemoths of the Sea (Falkow), Lapierre Legion (Refess), King of the Orks (Gowen), and Undead Horde (Lawtia).
  2. A unique Halloween alternate art pack that includes 7 cards: Prototype Form / Noze, Fire Sorceress / Addition, Lycanthrope [Seraph], Cemetery Rats, Girl Druid, Amethyst Carbuncle, and Will o’ the Wisp
  3. Each of the unique 4 pre-built packs also includes 500 bonus gran, 10 point cards (can be used to redeem specific normal rarity cards), and 6 months of premium status applied to your Iczer. All four packs also come with an FM drafting ticket that can be used in the arena to have a chance of winning additional cards!
  4. The Halloween pack also includes: 3 months of premium, 5 point cards, FM draft ticket, and 500 gran. Please be aware that the Halloween pack is only available for a limited time until 11/1/16!
  5. Each DLC pack includes a bonus avatar that you can show off in the arena.



Finally, we would like to reveal four new recipes that can be used in crafting to significantly boost a player’s chance to receive the specified card. We have selected a rarity three star card from each sphere of Lavatos (Falkow, Refess, Gowen, and Lawtia

  1. Refess: Knight of Fraility / Etoile
  2. Lawtia: Killing Machine / Lebeau
  3. The Magician / Primrose
  4. Falkow: Azure Dragon – East / Vordore

These recipes will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned for details!

We hope you are as excited as we are to be moving into the next chapter for Alteil: Horizons. As always, we do love to hear from players- concerns, questions, or compliments of any kind. Engage with us on Steam’s discussions, Facebook, Twitter, or the forums! If you require player support, you can reach us by e-mailing

Thank you so much for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy Alteil: Horizons.

See you in the arena,



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Takashi’s Card

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Takayuki Nakamura

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Takayuki’s Card

Illustrated by Miho Midorikawa

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