New Horizons Card Expansion: FLOWER OF WAR Launches Friday December 23rd

The Great Betrayer, Durendal has fallen to the Land of the Dead – and taken over!
Having wrested control over the Land of the Dead from King Zugateroza, Durandal commands the armies of the dead to march! The limitless waves of undead crash against the walls of both the Solar Kingdom of Folrart and the Duchy of Crest! Having never before witnessed such evil, the Mercenary Kingdom and the Barbarians break off their war and join forces to assist the kingdoms to the north in their battle against death itself!
This is a new chapter for the Realm of Lavato – FLOWER OF WAR

-All New regular 60-Card set!
-The entire set launches as HORIZONS CORE LEGAL, changing the landscape of Core dueling instantly!
-Flower of War is also Set 14 according to Legacy numbering
-New Mechanic — Create a card in target area — lets you summon a card that’s not in your deck.

-Flower of War will immediately appear in the Shop, treasure battles, the lotto, and the free daily lotto.
-In fact on launch all players will have bonuses to get new Flower of War cards in battle!
-The 4 beginner’s Pack Steam DLC’s will be 30% off, which makes them less than 7 bucks. Remember, these each come with 500 Gran on top of the pre-built deck and other goodies!
-FM bonus +50% FM all weekend
-Material bonus +50% To material rate / rarity all weekend
-Card Shop Pre-built sale All Horizons Core Legal Pre-builts normally priced at 1500 Gran will be discounted to 990 Gran through the weekend. — This includes Dragons and Dolls, our two newest pre-builts
-There will be a new STEAM DLC – Flower of War Combo Pack – includes 5 packs at a discount plus an exclusive Ishtar Avatar, 300 Gran, 5 Point cards and a Draft ticket.
-Holiday Avatar BG available in the shop this weekend only for 1 FM
-Flower of War 5 of 7 – Starts Friday – 20 Point Cards for participation, and a copy of the 3-star Cursed Spear Master Anri for completing 10 or more battles!

The Cursed Legions are on the march!
In Folrart, Lapierre retires and passes on the holy sword Lantylit to the young protege Ishtar. But her unhealthy obsession with the Emperor of the Silver Sun, Verlaat, brings a new dark side to the Shrine Knights. A new group of nobles rises to power in Folrart, who align themselves with the imperialistic ideals of their Emperor. Hailing from the neighboring kingdoms saved from the undead by Verlaat, they owe him total allegiance and make his power unimpeachable.
Balheart, the general of the strongest Barbarian tribe, Leleua, decides to break off his war with the Mercenary Nation and lead his Barbarian armies north to aid the Solar Kingdom against the undead. He calls for the aid of generals and high ranking warriors from allied tribes, famous for unpredictable battle tactics and abilities beyond imagination!
Meanwhile, the rebuilding Wizard kingdom has begun assembling new Paladins, including the shocking Thunder Paladin Rudolf, and deadly Flash Swordswoman Sistine. The true identity of the Cursed Legions’ leader is not lost on them…
Meanwhile, ground zero for the rising undead is Crest! The last defender of Crest, Yug, has new armies and purpose fighting the limitless waves of the Cursed Legions.
Without the master of all undead – Undead King Zugateroza – the Cursed Legions bow to the Wizard Kingdom’s ultimate traitor — Durendal! True Immortal Durenal now has the power to take on the four great nations of Lavato, all at the same time!

Watch this space for card previews!



One of the greatest heroines on the surface of Lavato, Cassandra, fights against the evil Galdirea with her dual magic swords: Arken the holy sword and Difora the Soulblade.

But fifteen years ago she was just a little girl, raised by her sister Rosa until a fateful encounter with the evil Ork King Grebados. On the run, she was saved by the most legendary mercenary of the age, Black Dragonfly Francis. So begins her story, and the story of her legendary swords.

Card 1

Angel Knight / Silverion

Beneficent Priestess

Light Magic Archer

Folrart Hammer Soldier

Girl Combat Priest

Card 2
Card 1

Black Dragonfly / Francis

Cursed Armor Knight


Lycan Nue

Crest Spy

Card 2
Card 1

Ork King / Grebados

Giant Ork

Mage Pixy

Heierrat Spy

Smart Ork

Card 2
Card 1

Hunter / Rosa

Wizard Archer of Regus

Lightning Wyvern


Sky Staff Sorceress

Card 2