11/1/16 Updates and Patches

We’ve been working to deal with any leftover launch issues, and stability issues some users have reported – but, we’re also making time to actually implement the suggestions of our players as well. You all have been able to point out some important things we here at Alteil may have been too close to the project to see, and more importantly you also just have some really cool ideas! On that note, if you see me (Logress) in game you should talk to me, apparently that’s the best way to get things done!

Here is a quick set of patch notes:
1) We’ve added a vendor-provided stability patch to one of our third-party code libraries. (should solve battle connection issues)
2) New players (level 10 and lower) now get EXP, FM and Treasure for dueling NPCs!
3) You now have 24 hours to complete a draft instead of 12
4) Battle search cycle is longer
5) possible fix for the ‘level display’ bug
6) Turned off welcome messages in chat to prevent it from scrolling too fast
7) Audio controls now work across components and the game will remember them (You can mute everything).
8) The battle now remembers your last battle speed setting
9) General fixes for some of the draft bugs that have been occasionally popping up.

There have also been some basic tweaks for optimization and the like. Take a look, and please email logress@apocoplay.com if you noticing any problem. We’re already working on the next update!


Drafting Comes to Alteil


Drafting is Alteil’s newest feature, and one that provides a huge benefit to players both new and old. The most basic benefit of drafting is that your ability to win is 100% dependent on your skills drafting the cards, building decks, and playing the game. It doesn’t matter if you own a million cards or three. It doesn’t matter if you’re level 1 or 1000. Drafting provides a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.

You draft by going to the SHOP and getting a draft entry ticket. This includes the five drafting packs needed to play. Then go to the ARENA, and you’ll see an option to start drafting.

Alteil’s ‘Rolling Draft; is based on tabletop card drafting. In tabletop card drafting, players each buy some packs, all open them at the table, everyone picks a card from the newly opened pack, and passes the pack on. Packs are passed around until all the cards are picked, and then you open the next pack. Continue until everyone has picked a big pile of cards. This is the part of the process called DRAFTING.

To enable players to begin or end drafting at any time in Alteil (so you’re not sitting there waiting for people to pick and hoping they don’t get called away from the computer), the drafting process is done against 3 virtual drafters (AIs who select cards and pass the rest). However, any card you pass up on is much more likely to shop up for other players who draft after you – while any card you choose becomes less likely to show up for later players when they draft.

IMPORTANT! You may use up to 3 copies of any common card you draft in the draft tournament battles that follow. You may also use up to 2 copies of any rare. Of course, when you keep your cards after the draft (more on that below) you only keep the number of copies you actually physically selected during the draft.

Once you have your cards, it’s time to build a deck. Click on the EDIT FILE button that appears in arena. Once you have a valid deck, you will get the option to search for duels.  The tournament is over when you’ve completed 5 duels, or after 12 hours. You must complete 5 battles win or lose to get tournament prizes, although you will still get rewards for each battle as if they were Horizons Core battles. The battles also count toward any battling events that might be ongoing.


There are two kind of tournament tickets. Gran tickets, and FM tickets. The only difference is the prizes you get. FM is currency you earn by battling, Gran is currency you get in the cash shop.

GRAN DRAFT TOURNAMENT – You always keep ALL the cards you draft, and the drop rates are equal or better than any other packs available in the store. With the degree of control you have picking cards, this is an excellent deal before you even get into the actual draft!  Gran Drafters also get bonus FM, Materials, Point Cards, based on how many wins, and if you get a perfect record you get your drafting ticket back!

FM DRAFT TOURNAMENT – You always keep ALL the 1* common cards you draft. If you get a perfect record, you keep the 2* cards too. FM Drafters also get bonus FM and Materials at the end of the tournament. If you get 4 out of 5 wins, you get your drafting ticket back!


The best part of drafting is its accessibility for new and free players. You can get 20-75 FM per battle, so 500 FM for a tournament isn’t too difficult. You also get a free FM tournament ticket at level 4. A new or free player can spend most of his time drafting while enjoying a level playing field! The best part is that you accumulate cards as you draft, so you’ll have a collection before you know it!

A Look at the Alteil Steam Client

The Steam release is just around the corner! And that means if you go to our Steam Store you’ll be able to download the Steam Client. But what is the Steam Client exactly, and how does it relate to the browser version?

First the bad news, the Steam Client was made with Chromium, which means that on the surface, it won’t work much differently than the browser version. Anyone looking for a new interface will have to wait until we get a mobile / tablet version.

But the big advantage to Chromium is absolute seamless cross-platform play between the Steam and browser versions. Similarly, there will be a completely level playing field between the two. In addition we’ve added two killer features to the Steam Client.

  1. Zero Load Times – In addition to the images being loaded locally from your hard disc as opposed to the browser version, which loads from the internet, will obviously provide a bit of a speed boost. But the real story is instant switching between components. For example, going from the Home page to the Arena to the File Editor. All instant! Battles will still have to load, since they aren’t created until you click the button. However, after the first load the images will all be cached, and subsequent loading should be pretty quick.
  2. Account Manager – When you run the Steam Client, you’ll find yourself in the account manager. You can associate any number of Alteil accounts (or Iczers) with your Steam account, and choose one with one click from the Account Manager, The Steam Client keeps track of your accounts and passwords for you! This also lets you add your legacy Alteil accounts and existing browser accounts to your Steam client with a few clicks, and accounts associated with Steam (or even created from scratch from within the Steam client) can still be used in the browser version!

So is the Steam Client right for you? Give it a try! The best part is its versatility, so you can use it for speed on your main machine, and then just log into your account from the browser whenever your using someone else’s machine.


Alteil Networking Update

Honored Iczers,

I pushed an update this morning that updated the way messaging is sent between our servers and your browsers. For some users, that has been a bottleneck, and they will see drastic improvements in performance. (I went from getting like 20 FPS to getting 50-60 FPS, which I believe is the most Chrome will give you). This will also eliminate the ‘lag while chatting’ issue. We also upgraded the scrolling function on chat and the file editor, which should improve performance. For the file editor especially, the show all cards tab was kind of at the max Chrome could handle for number of cards and when we added more in the test environment it would lock up. Now it should perform regardless of the amount.  As an added convenience bonus, the ‘chat’ text now will only flash red a few times each time a message is sent when minimized, as opposed to flashing forever until you check your messages.

Keep in mind there’s a lot of new code here, though. That means there is a possibility for new bugs, so please report anything strange that happens to logress@apocoplay.com

WARNING — because we made changes to chat, the chat box may stop functioning if you have old versions of the chat files cached in your browser. If chat doesn’t respond, please clear browser cache or open a new incognito window.

Check it out everyone, and tell us what you think!