Shutdown Message

It’s time to put the print on paper… Uh, words on a screen? Digital bits on the interwebs? Alright, whichever it is, here goes…

Alteil US is officially shut down.

There, I said it! <deep breath> I don’t have much to add from my previous farewell message. That’s probably because I’ve spent most of the time since I wrote that with my head down working. As I said then, about when we decided to wind down, I was given a bunch of opportunities in my non-Alteil career that I couldn’t turn down. I was thinking the two week extension would give me some time to hang out in chat and get my thoughts in order – but actually things picked up even more for me in the past two weeks. Also, my infant daughter has just learned to crawl, so – CHAOS. In any case, to minimize the risk of say something inelegantly now that I already said much better before, I’ll keep this short.

I want to thank everyone again for sticking with us through the Alteil project in all its stages, evolutions and incarnations. I hope everyone had good fun along the way, some interesting peeks behind the curtain, maybe met an online gaming buddy or two, or otherwise got something valuable from your time here. All of us at Apocoplay and Core Edge Japan certainly did, and that, most of all, is why I’m always thanking all of you. Iczers, I salute you!

I will keep the Facebook page active, and I’ll post any news on other Alteil related projects. The Alteil Japanese team, Core Edge Japan, is still at it, and I’ll still help them out any way I can and give them access to my translations and game data, so it might be worth it to check back every now and again. But until then…

This is Logress, the last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.

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