New Feature: Legacy Challenge

New Feature: Legacy Challenge

Hey all,

As we’re hunting down any possible remaining bugs, we’ve been trying to sneak in feature requests here and there. For example, the CARD SHOP now has a SEARCH feature. It is very handy in the Singles section where you buy individual cards, because it can easily have over a thousand options to look through.

But our newest feature is LEGACY CHALLENGE. Some users with very large card collections have requested having something to do with all their non-core cards.  The Legacy Challenge is a feature where if you build a Legacy deck with limitations, then you can get treasure as if it was a Core battle (meaning, much higher treasure rates and rewards), and the limitations will change weekly.  For now, there’s just one limitation. 50% or more of the deck must be of a specifically chosen Legacy Expansion (chosen at random each week), although based on player feedback we might add more.

For more information, you can now mouse over the little symbols on the left side of your deck in the Card File Editor. There you will see the sphere symbols as you always have, and also the Core symbol, but I’ve added a Legacy symbol, and also a Legacy Challenge symbol if you deck is valid for the current Legacy Challenge.

So, this week’s Legacy Challenge is…KEEPERS OF CHAOS! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, start your Rubens!



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