Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale

The Annual Alteil Black Friday Sale is here!

New Pre-built! MAGIC DOLLS – with Sumer! 1500 Gran launches at HALF PRICE on Friday


New Pre-built! GOLDEN DRAGONSĀ – with Bastandora! 1500 Gran launches at HALF PRICE on Friday


But, that’s not all! we also have

AND – Steam versions of the Magic Dolls and Golden Dragons packs, that includes a bunch of bonus gran, avatars and tournament tickets on top of everything else*

But that’s not all, for the first time in …a while… there will be NEW CARDS FOR SALE – the previously Kickstarter Exclusive EX: SLAVE OF BATORA Pack

Reckless Immortal Helcuras
One of the toughest to kill level 3 units ever seen, and one of the hardest hitting. Counter Skills like his are triggered whenever he gets hit and survives, allowing you to counterattack immediately!

Poison Lover Rosetta
Rosetta has the unique power of forcing an enemy unit to spend his turn attacking a unit of your choice. It must be one of yours, but considering the number of cards that have special powers that trigger when they are hit or killed, and also that having control over when your units die also gives you control over when your Soul Skills are triggered, this is a great strategic asset.

Lord of Wei Kanyu
Kanyu is a powerful destructive force all on his own. His Cry of Wu, unleashes an aura of power that can literally destroy those who hear it. Not only is it targeted, but it also bypasses armor, and is used each turn automatically in addition to his normal skills. Add that to his multi-attacking action skill, he’s quite capable of killing three enemies in one turn!

Warped Genius Albert
A cruel scientist, Albert makes for a multi-purpose debuffer in your deck. His ability to erode Max HP makes it very difficult for the enemy to tank your front line, and can spell the end for unliving units like Undead.



*Because of low price, cards cannot be resold in Steam DLC of pre-builts

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