Updates 11/21/16

Updates 11/21/16

Hey all,

Last week actually had three separate updates and upgrades, but they were a bit smaller than what we’ve been doing lately so I decided to sum them up in one post.

-The ‘Timer Bug’ should be fixed now.
-Some users were having trouble battling in a Draft tournament, this has been fixed
-the ‘no soul skill’ crash bug
-general stability tweaks

-Singles Card Shop – you can now mouseover the card image to see the standard mouseover of the card, with skills and stats.
-Card Shop – There is now a glowing ‘Question Mark’ icon by the description all of all packs, boxes, prebuilts and anything else that contains cards. Clicking on it brings up every possible card you can get in that product. If it’s a fixed card product, like a prebuilt, you’ll also see the number of copies. Mousing over the cards gives the card details as normal.
-You can now EXIT a draft. There is a little ‘x’ in the upper right of the draft bar in arena. Simply click it, confirm ‘yes; and you will exit an incomplete draft. This allows you to ‘cut your losses’ and keep your drafted cards as if you had a 0/5 record, without wasting any time or losing any RP. It works well if you don’t feel you have the cards to build a good enough deck, or if you drafted such good cards you want to have them in your regular collection right away. You keep your cards, but the draft ticket (draft packs) is not refunded.
-Draft Packs now will almost never have duplicate commons, which should make building a deck a lot more fun — NOTE, due to the nature of this fix, it will be phased in over the course of the week.

I’m actually making a pretty good dent on the old to-do list, so if you seem a Dev in chat or in game, be sure to give us your ideas for improvements and new features! You can also, of course just email logress@apocoplay.com


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