Black Friday Poll! Plus, bonus FM and Materials this Weekend!


Honored Iczers and Supporters,

In recognition of the upcoming election here in the United States, we will be running a poll of our own to determine the fate of Black Friday. We will implement the top two options from this poll to determine what special sales we will run during Black Friday (11/25.16). Unless noted otherwise, these sales will run for the duration of a weekend- from Friday until Sunday at 11:59PM EST. Remember, we will only take the top two most popular options! In the event of a 3 way (or higher) tie, we will randomly select two options – so we encourage you only to vote for the two options you would like to see selected!

In addition, FM and material awards for Core legal files will be increased 30% as of this post until the end of the weekend at Sunday 11:59PM EST!

Get out there and vote!


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