11/1/16 Updates and Patches

11/1/16 Updates and Patches

We’ve been working to deal with any leftover launch issues, and stability issues some users have reported – but, we’re also making time to actually implement the suggestions of our players as well. You all have been able to point out some important things we here at Alteil may have been too close to the project to see, and more importantly you also just have some really cool ideas! On that note, if you see me (Logress) in game you should talk to me, apparently that’s the best way to get things done!

Here is a quick set of patch notes:
1) We’ve added a vendor-provided stability patch to one of our third-party code libraries. (should solve battle connection issues)
2) New players (level 10 and lower) now get EXP, FM and Treasure for dueling NPCs!
3) You now have 24 hours to complete a draft instead of 12
4) Battle search cycle is longer
5) possible fix for the ‘level display’ bug
6) Turned off welcome messages in chat to prevent it from scrolling too fast
7) Audio controls now work across components and the game will remember them (You can mute everything).
8) The battle now remembers your last battle speed setting
9) General fixes for some of the draft bugs that have been occasionally popping up.

There have also been some basic tweaks for optimization and the like. Take a look, and please email logress@apocoplay.com if you noticing any problem. We’re already working on the next update!


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