Black Friday Sale

The Annual Alteil Black Friday Sale is here!

New Pre-built! MAGIC DOLLS – with Sumer! 1500 Gran launches at HALF PRICE on Friday


New Pre-built! GOLDEN DRAGONS – with Bastandora! 1500 Gran launches at HALF PRICE on Friday


But, that’s not all! we also have

AND – Steam versions of the Magic Dolls and Golden Dragons packs, that includes a bunch of bonus gran, avatars and tournament tickets on top of everything else*

But that’s not all, for the first time in …a while… there will be NEW CARDS FOR SALE – the previously Kickstarter Exclusive EX: SLAVE OF BATORA Pack

Reckless Immortal Helcuras
One of the toughest to kill level 3 units ever seen, and one of the hardest hitting. Counter Skills like his are triggered whenever he gets hit and survives, allowing you to counterattack immediately!

Poison Lover Rosetta
Rosetta has the unique power of forcing an enemy unit to spend his turn attacking a unit of your choice. It must be one of yours, but considering the number of cards that have special powers that trigger when they are hit or killed, and also that having control over when your units die also gives you control over when your Soul Skills are triggered, this is a great strategic asset.

Lord of Wei Kanyu
Kanyu is a powerful destructive force all on his own. His Cry of Wu, unleashes an aura of power that can literally destroy those who hear it. Not only is it targeted, but it also bypasses armor, and is used each turn automatically in addition to his normal skills. Add that to his multi-attacking action skill, he’s quite capable of killing three enemies in one turn!

Warped Genius Albert
A cruel scientist, Albert makes for a multi-purpose debuffer in your deck. His ability to erode Max HP makes it very difficult for the enemy to tank your front line, and can spell the end for unliving units like Undead.



*Because of low price, cards cannot be resold in Steam DLC of pre-builts

Updates 11/21/16

Hey all,

Last week actually had three separate updates and upgrades, but they were a bit smaller than what we’ve been doing lately so I decided to sum them up in one post.

-The ‘Timer Bug’ should be fixed now.
-Some users were having trouble battling in a Draft tournament, this has been fixed
-the ‘no soul skill’ crash bug
-general stability tweaks

-Singles Card Shop – you can now mouseover the card image to see the standard mouseover of the card, with skills and stats.
-Card Shop – There is now a glowing ‘Question Mark’ icon by the description all of all packs, boxes, prebuilts and anything else that contains cards. Clicking on it brings up every possible card you can get in that product. If it’s a fixed card product, like a prebuilt, you’ll also see the number of copies. Mousing over the cards gives the card details as normal.
-You can now EXIT a draft. There is a little ‘x’ in the upper right of the draft bar in arena. Simply click it, confirm ‘yes; and you will exit an incomplete draft. This allows you to ‘cut your losses’ and keep your drafted cards as if you had a 0/5 record, without wasting any time or losing any RP. It works well if you don’t feel you have the cards to build a good enough deck, or if you drafted such good cards you want to have them in your regular collection right away. You keep your cards, but the draft ticket (draft packs) is not refunded.
-Draft Packs now will almost never have duplicate commons, which should make building a deck a lot more fun — NOTE, due to the nature of this fix, it will be phased in over the course of the week.

I’m actually making a pretty good dent on the old to-do list, so if you seem a Dev in chat or in game, be sure to give us your ideas for improvements and new features! You can also, of course just email


30% Additional FM and Materials this Weekend!


Honored Iczers,

Effective immediately, all players playing with Core files will receive an additional 30% bonus FM and materials at the end of their duels! Go forth and reap the bountiful harvest of fight money!

See you in the arena,

11/7/16-11/13/16 5 of 7


Honored Iczers,

I am pleased to announce that we will be hosting a 5 of 7 event beginning this upcoming Monday at 12:01AM (EST). It will end on Sunday 11/13/16 at 11:59PM (EST).

To participate, all you have to do is play a duel on 5 of 7 days during the duration of the event. This only includes human opponents, so take a break from beating up on our poor NPCs and duke it out with one another! Duels must last at least 10 turns in order to count for the event-so give it your best shot and stick it out until the end of each match! Remember, Core legal files get a substantial boost to rewards in terms of cards, materials, and FM!

All participating players will earn 5 point cards (can be exchanged for any normal rarity card in the game) and 1 copy of Seasonal Beltorat Light Cavalry.

We will have 2 additional tiers of prizes for participating players who play additional matches above 5 of 7 requirement. These additional matches can take place on any day-just make sure to play on 5 of the 7 qualifying days to begin with.

Players that participate in at least 10 matches during the duration of the event, will score an additional 5 point cards (total of 10) and receive 1 copy of Seasonal Lycanthrope [Echidna]

Finally, players that go above and beyond and participate in 20 matches during the event will earn 10 more point cards (total of 20), and 1 copy of Seasonal Aqua Sorcerer / Mystere

That’s it! Good luck and I hope to see you in the arena.


11/5/216 Update

Hey all, we’re gearing up for our next big stability update, but here are some changes in the meantime.

-NEW FEATURE – added Core search. Now, for the first 60 seconds of searching, if you’re playing Core you’ll only be matched with other Core.
-Fixed a problem where users were not being alerted on battle start if their deck was incomplete,
-Began applying user feedback to the tutorial
-General bugfixes

Black Friday Poll! Plus, bonus FM and Materials this Weekend!


Honored Iczers and Supporters,

In recognition of the upcoming election here in the United States, we will be running a poll of our own to determine the fate of Black Friday. We will implement the top two options from this poll to determine what special sales we will run during Black Friday (11/25.16). Unless noted otherwise, these sales will run for the duration of a weekend- from Friday until Sunday at 11:59PM EST. Remember, we will only take the top two most popular options! In the event of a 3 way (or higher) tie, we will randomly select two options – so we encourage you only to vote for the two options you would like to see selected!

In addition, FM and material awards for Core legal files will be increased 30% as of this post until the end of the weekend at Sunday 11:59PM EST!

Get out there and vote!


11/1/16 Updates and Patches

We’ve been working to deal with any leftover launch issues, and stability issues some users have reported – but, we’re also making time to actually implement the suggestions of our players as well. You all have been able to point out some important things we here at Alteil may have been too close to the project to see, and more importantly you also just have some really cool ideas! On that note, if you see me (Logress) in game you should talk to me, apparently that’s the best way to get things done!

Here is a quick set of patch notes:
1) We’ve added a vendor-provided stability patch to one of our third-party code libraries. (should solve battle connection issues)
2) New players (level 10 and lower) now get EXP, FM and Treasure for dueling NPCs!
3) You now have 24 hours to complete a draft instead of 12
4) Battle search cycle is longer
5) possible fix for the ‘level display’ bug
6) Turned off welcome messages in chat to prevent it from scrolling too fast
7) Audio controls now work across components and the game will remember them (You can mute everything).
8) The battle now remembers your last battle speed setting
9) General fixes for some of the draft bugs that have been occasionally popping up.

There have also been some basic tweaks for optimization and the like. Take a look, and please email if you noticing any problem. We’re already working on the next update!