Drafting Comes to Alteil

Drafting Comes to Alteil


Drafting is Alteil’s newest feature, and one that provides a huge benefit to players both new and old. The most basic benefit of drafting is that your ability to win is 100% dependent on your skills drafting the cards, building decks, and playing the game. It doesn’t matter if you own a million cards or three. It doesn’t matter if you’re level 1 or 1000. Drafting provides a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.

You draft by going to the SHOP and getting a draft entry ticket. This includes the five drafting packs needed to play. Then go to the ARENA, and you’ll see an option to start drafting.

Alteil’s ‘Rolling Draft; is based on tabletop card drafting. In tabletop card drafting, players each buy some packs, all open them at the table, everyone picks a card from the newly opened pack, and passes the pack on. Packs are passed around until all the cards are picked, and then you open the next pack. Continue until everyone has picked a big pile of cards. This is the part of the process called DRAFTING.

To enable players to begin or end drafting at any time in Alteil (so you’re not sitting there waiting for people to pick and hoping they don’t get called away from the computer), the drafting process is done against 3 virtual drafters (AIs who select cards and pass the rest). However, any card you pass up on is much more likely to shop up for other players who draft after you – while any card you choose becomes less likely to show up for later players when they draft.

IMPORTANT! You may use up to 3 copies of any common card you draft in the draft tournament battles that follow. You may also use up to 2 copies of any rare. Of course, when you keep your cards after the draft (more on that below) you only keep the number of copies you actually physically selected during the draft.

Once you have your cards, it’s time to build a deck. Click on the EDIT FILE button that appears in arena. Once you have a valid deck, you will get the option to search for duels.  The tournament is over when you’ve completed 5 duels, or after 12 hours. You must complete 5 battles win or lose to get tournament prizes, although you will still get rewards for each battle as if they were Horizons Core battles. The battles also count toward any battling events that might be ongoing.


There are two kind of tournament tickets. Gran tickets, and FM tickets. The only difference is the prizes you get. FM is currency you earn by battling, Gran is currency you get in the cash shop.

GRAN DRAFT TOURNAMENT – You always keep ALL the cards you draft, and the drop rates are equal or better than any other packs available in the store. With the degree of control you have picking cards, this is an excellent deal before you even get into the actual draft!  Gran Drafters also get bonus FM, Materials, Point Cards, based on how many wins, and if you get a perfect record you get your drafting ticket back!

FM DRAFT TOURNAMENT – You always keep ALL the 1* common cards you draft. If you get a perfect record, you keep the 2* cards too. FM Drafters also get bonus FM and Materials at the end of the tournament. If you get 4 out of 5 wins, you get your drafting ticket back!


The best part of drafting is its accessibility for new and free players. You can get 20-75 FM per battle, so 500 FM for a tournament isn’t too difficult. You also get a free FM tournament ticket at level 4. A new or free player can spend most of his time drafting while enjoying a level playing field! The best part is that you accumulate cards as you draft, so you’ll have a collection before you know it!

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