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zagarHonored Iczers and supporters,

I would like to take a moment to recognize the importance of Alteil: Horizon’s debut on Steam. A successful launch could bring in thousands of new players to play against and support future content development for the foreseeable future. With your help, we can pull it off.

How? If you aren’t registered to Steam yet, I encourage you to do so here. After you do so, install Steam onto your device and head over to Alteil: Horizon’s Steam page. On every game’s Steam page, players can provide their own input and review a game. We strongly encourage you to write a review for Alteil: Horizons. This allows other potential players who may not have heard of Alteil before to get an idea of what kind of game Alteil is.  Please provide your honest opinion and weigh the pros against the cons. We understand Alteil: Horizons isn’t a perfect game, but we strive every day to provide a fantastic service and play experience for all of our players.

We’ll be honest here – there is a lot of content on Steam, and indie games like Alteil have a lot to prove – both to potential players skimming over 100s of titles, and Steam itself. A big-budget game can weather some negative reviews, but a small game could find itself in trouble. A strong showing of positive reviews on our Steam page could have the opposite effect for many potential players – perhaps they’ll take a minute or two to learn more about this odd looking game called “Alteil: Horizons”. If Alteil has a substantial number of positive reviews, it also empowers us to participate in the future Steam sales and encourage Steam to feature us in future promotions. This means more visibility for Alteil: Horizons and more potential players joining us.

With your help, we’ll be able to compete against the big titles with lavish marketing budgets. If we can pull off a successful launch together, the future for Alteil: Horizons will be secure and we can continue to grow and add additional features. The choice is yours.

Thank you so much to all of our players who have made it this far with us, and we look forward to meeting many more potential players as we head into this next chapter. It has been a fantastic learning opportunity for all of us here at Apocoplay.

See you in the arena,


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