A Look at the Alteil Steam Client

A Look at the Alteil Steam Client

The Steam release is just around the corner! And that means if you go to our Steam Store you’ll be able to download the Steam Client. But what is the Steam Client exactly, and how does it relate to the browser version?

First the bad news, the Steam Client was made with Chromium, which means that on the surface, it won’t work much differently than the browser version. Anyone looking for a new interface will have to wait until we get a mobile / tablet version.

But the big advantage to Chromium is absolute seamless cross-platform play between the Steam and browser versions. Similarly, there will be a completely level playing field between the two. In addition we’ve added two killer features to the Steam Client.

  1. Zero Load Times – In addition to the images being loaded locally from your hard disc as opposed to the browser version, which loads from the internet, will obviously provide a bit of a speed boost. But the real story is instant switching between components. For example, going from the Home page to the Arena to the File Editor. All instant! Battles will still have to load, since they aren’t created until you click the button. However, after the first load the images will all be cached, and subsequent loading should be pretty quick.
  2. Account Manager – When you run the Steam Client, you’ll find yourself in the account manager. You can associate any number of Alteil accounts (or Iczers) with your Steam account, and choose one with one click from the Account Manager, The Steam Client keeps track of your accounts and passwords for you! This also lets you add your legacy Alteil accounts and existing browser accounts to your Steam client with a few clicks, and accounts associated with Steam (or even created from scratch from within the Steam client) can still be used in the browser version!

So is the Steam Client right for you? Give it a try! The best part is its versatility, so you can use it for speed on your main machine, and then just log into your account from the browser whenever your using someone else’s machine.


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  • Nehless

    October 26, 2016 at 2:57 am Reply

    Great! Been waiting for something like this! The Mobile version should be kickass too!

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