Steam Launch Delayed to October


Honored Iczers and supporters,

It brings me no joy to announce that our team has experienced a heavy setback. Our project lead, Sean (Logress) Molyneaux, is in the midst of handling a family emergency. Unfortunately, that means work on Alteil: Horizons has been delayed in light of this crisis. We will be unable to launch on Steam this month as we had originally planned. Our new goal is to shoot for next month (October).

We understand how frustrating this may be to players and trust me, we’re in the exact same boat. Once again thank you for your patience and support for Alteil: Horizons.

I hope to see you in the arena,



  • Nehless

    September 25, 2016 at 6:13 am Reply

    Great news. Hope to see you around Rom Rom

  • Dreamspawn

    October 12, 2016 at 7:37 pm Reply

    Saddened to hear. I wish Logress and family all the strength they need. Life is an unpredictable ride where only the end is a given. Charish eachother and the moments together. I find comfort in the fact science is discovering this life, our reality, is but a veil in front of our eyes. It’s being limitted and shaped by our minds. At the basis anything is possible(! go check out quantum physics) and we will all leave our own prisons one day. I believe it’s as a wondeful feeling of peace and freedom, though always hard for the ones we love and leave behind. Till that moment comes there’s still so much beauty to experience in this life, big and small, so never give up and go create as many happy moments for yourself and others. Till we all meet again,

    With much love,


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