Shop Update: Sell and Buy Individual Cards!


Honored Iczers,

I am pleased to announce a major update for the shop. Effective immediately, all players will now be able to sell and buy individual cards from other/to other players in the shop. Logress has written more details outlining the nature of this update and what players can expect going forward into the future. Please take a minute to read it.

First the good news — basic functionality for PLAYERS SELLING CARDS has been added to the shop. That bad news is that it is currently very simple and pretty limited.

You can consider this “Marketplace Beta”. Since I am still swamped finalizing the Steam Client (which, by the way — is almost ready and a game changer, letting you switch between File, Arena, Single Player, etc — with zero load) I had to keep it quick and simple. For this kind of feature, the real “hard part” is balancing it and thinking of exploits, so I just kind of played it safe (this explains most of my decisions, if anything has you baffled). Like I said, it’s currently a Beta feature, and any and all decisions we’ve made about it are up for discussion and change. Nothing is set in stone yet, and since it’s a very player driven feature — after all, it is the players who are putting their cards up for sale, and otherwise managing the inventory — we’ll be very interested in what you think.

The name for this feature is the “Singles Card Shop” which is to be found in the Shop area– click on it, and you’ll see an option to SELL CARDS on the right.

To sell a card, click on the card, then choose a price and hit sell in the bottom window.

You can see your current sales on the left. Click on one to remove it. Once it is sold, it will be tagged SOLD in red. Click on that to claim your Gran.

Currently it’s a Gran only system. Anyone with gran can buy, but only Premium users can sell (note — Kickstarters can activate their Premium by going to and selecting Rewards from the left-hand menu)

House takes 15%.

You can sell as many cards as you want, but you have to add them one at a time (because complex UI is very time consuming for me to build, and I can’t stay away from steam for too long)

There is a max and minimum price based on various factors.

The minimum is there to avoid balance issues from a player flooding the market with a card.

The maximum is there to avoid the following situation: “I’ll murder you if you nerf this card, because I just spent 100$ a copy on it!”

The system only allows you to sell Gran cards (this is a side effect of a gran only system — otherwise you could convert FM to gran).

The system doesn’t let you sell the card if it is not sure where it came from — various tags (gran, prize card, level up card) were added over time, and if you got a card when its tag didn’t exist, the system may not know where you got it.)

There are no mouse overs (again, time consuming) but it does note alternate art, rarity, and if it’s core legal or not.

Cards put “for sale” do not appear right away, they will appear within a few hours or a few days. So if you change your mind about selling a card, you can probably take it down before any harm done.

You do not have access to a card that you’ve put for sale, even if it has not yet been purchased. After putting a card for sale please check any decks that may contain a copy of it to make sure they’re still valid.