40% Bonus FM for Core Battles this Weekend!


Honored Iczers,

Effective immediately, this weekend will boost FM by 40% for all Iczers using core legal files in duels against other players. This is a great way to rake in the FM to buy Core items in the shop-packs, boxes, and lotto.

Head over to the arena with your core legal files and battle it for the glory of the Gods of Lavato!


Seasonal Sale this Weekend!


Honored Iczers,

For this weekend beginning tonight at 12:01 AM (EST), we will be holding another sale of alternate seasonal art. There are dozens of variants, featuring cards from each sphere of Lavatos. The only cards excluded from this list are Kickstarter exclusives (such as Legendary Heroine / Catira).

These cards will be available through a seasonal exclusive lottery and seasonal exclusive packs. Seasonal packs have a 100% chance to contain a rarity 3 or higher card in each pack.

This sale will end on Sunday 5/8/16 at 11:59PM (EST), so please be sure to keep that in mind!

See you in the arena,


seasonal folrart