Alteil Networking Update

Honored Iczers,

I pushed an update this morning that updated the way messaging is sent between our servers and your browsers. For some users, that has been a bottleneck, and they will see drastic improvements in performance. (I went from getting like 20 FPS to getting 50-60 FPS, which I believe is the most Chrome will give you). This will also eliminate the ‘lag while chatting’ issue. We also upgraded the scrolling function on chat and the file editor, which should improve performance. For the file editor especially, the show all cards tab was kind of at the max Chrome could handle for number of cards and when we added more in the test environment it would lock up. Now it should perform regardless of the amount. ¬†As an added convenience bonus, the ‘chat’ text now will only flash red a few times each time a message is sent when minimized, as opposed to flashing forever until you check your messages.

Keep in mind there’s a lot of new code here, though. That means there is a possibility for new bugs, so please report anything strange that happens to

WARNING — because we made changes to chat, the chat box may stop functioning if you have old versions of the chat files cached in your browser. If chat doesn’t respond, please clear browser cache or open a new incognito window.

Check it out everyone, and tell us what you think!



Lawtia Campaign Launches into Duchy of Crest


Greetings Iczers,

Our second campaign delves into the sphere of Lawtia, where you resume your quest to combat the ultimate evil. This time, you begin your journey as a low ranking member in the army of Crest. Your goal is to investigate the ruling Royal family and it’s ties to the Forces of Oblivion. However, you will discover many obstacles blocking your way….

Login and head over to the single player to experience our next batch of quests. Defeating each quest on normal and hard difficulties awards players with cards and materials with each first victory. As with Fortune, the boss (last) quest in the Lawtia campaign can be repeated daily for bonus materials.

In other news, one of our featured artists, ‘Yuji Kaida’ (Herald of Ruin / Behemoth, Water Emperor / Legrye) made headlines recently on Kaida created a fantastic rendition of a battle between Godzilla and Evangelion’s Unit 01.

That’s it for today, I’ll see you in the arena.