Replay system and Crafting Online!

Honored Iczers,

I am proud to officially announce that the replay system and crafting system (Cauldron) are now available! The replay section will allow you to save epic battles for future reference, to allow you to re-visit glorious moments, or perhaps to learn from past mistakes. Every account automatically begins with 5 replay slots, and it is possible to unlock additional slots for 50 gran each. 

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April Fool’s Sale!


In celebration of April’s Fools, we’ll be putting up some very odd, and interestingly designed alternate versions for some of our cards in the shop for a while. Designed and drawn back in the good old days of Media Blasters, enjoy the spectacular art and cosplays made by current and former staff and players of Alteil! Check out the available alternate versions of the cards HERE! (thanks to randomguy for setting this thread up!)

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