New Lawtia Pre-built Featuring Undead


As mentioned in a previous announcement, we had intended to release another Core legal pre-built for Lawtia. We have just released this pre-built, which features the Undead faction! The file is surprisingly resilient for a Lawtia file and these undead units can become unstoppable after a few turns of buffs from Broken Priest. Lich and Priestess of Madness are there to make sure your fighters stay alive, so be sure to protect them by placing them in the rear. Since the core units of this faction are mostly common rarity, this will be another pre-built we will be retailing for 990 gran. As we did with the “Monster Mash” Gowen pre-built, this file will be on sale for the first week of it’s release at 499 gran. It will return to it’s retail price of 990 gran beginning 1/29/15. 

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