New Gowen Pre-build File and Pre-build Changes!

Happy Holidays Iczers,

I am pleased to announce that several of our current pre-built files have been modified in order to be Horizons Core legal as of today. There is still one pre-build file that is in development that is intended to be Core legal for Lawtia. More details will be announced in the future for that file. All Core legal pre-build files will be redeemable using your Kickstarter backer code if you have one in the near future. You can learn more details on the forums, here.

Happy Holidays!

The Alteil family would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays, and extend our thanks for your amazing support throughout this year.

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Recycler Changes Rundown

I just wanted to clear up a few things about the lower prices / lower recycling plan

The goal is to make cards more affordable, spending reasonable, collecting focal, and begin a process of phasing out recycling for things that are more fun – like breaking down a card into “materials” that can be used to make other cards or selling cards to other users, etc.

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Alteil: Horizons First Core Set Announced

Honored Iczers,

It is my pleasure to announce Alteil: Horizons first core set list has been unveiled. Head on over to the forums to see the list of cards that made the cut:

Core Set Release

Greetings Iczers,

Alteil: Horizons first Core set is scheduled for release next week before Christmas! All Core cards except for the newest set (the currently unreleased Set 14) will be included, with only a couple of exclusions. Cards will be sold in packs or boxes at a significantly lower price then what we have normally done. Packs will have 5 cards and will be priced at 99 gran each. Each pack is guaranteed to have at least one rare (3 star or higher) card. Boxes will be priced at 999 gran and will hold 55 cards-which is 11 packs for the price of 10! 

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