NPC Update and Valentine’s 5 of 7

Just a reminder, the (late) Valentine’s 5 of 7 starts today, and there is still plenty of time to earn some prizes!

Also, this morning we updated the NPC again. We fixed some graphical and animation errors, and did bugfixes which should effect LMA open and Cait Sith soul among others.


Valentine’s Day 5 of 7 Kinda!

Taking a breath from getting the kinks knocked out of the single player and Kickstarter reward system, and hey look it’s Valentine’s day!
OK, so this 5 of 7 isn’t going to be on Valentine’s day, it’s going to be (or IS, as in right now it’s being announced) announced on Valentine’s day. It’s kind of the Forgetting About Valentine’s Day Until that Night and Getting the Last Wilted Bunch of Roses from the Convienience Store on the Way Home 5 of 7. Only that’s a little long. So, Valentine’s Day 5 of 7 it is! Aren’t you glad that you know me? Don’t I make you feel good about yourself?
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NPC update

We’ve added some fixes to the Horizons NPC.  If you’ve been having issues, many of them have been resolved. We’ll continue to add fixes as we roll them out!

NPC Battle added to Horizons Alpha

OK, so we’ve added a Single player NPC battle (currently the decks are fixed) to the Horizons Alpha, 100% in the Horizons engine! To access it, go to your Kickstarter -> redeem rewards link on the dasboard. redeem the reward “Beta Access”. Now, the Horizons PVE battle should appear in your dashboard menu under “Play” to the left, or on the main Dashboard screen as “NPC Battle” right next to the Tutorial link.

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Card List – new dashboard feature

We’ve added a new feature to the Dashboard under Account, a Card List feature that lets you look through all the cards you own. Very handy for people redeeming kickstarter rewards who don’t want to have to log into Alteil 1 just to see if they came through okay. For some extra utility, try clicking on “include cards you don’t own.”

Kickstarter Backer Code

It’s time for one of the best parts of any Kickstarter…

Getting cool stuff! And it’s the best part for us too, because it’s when we finally get to start doing stuff for all of you, after you have done so much for us. You deserve it, and a whole lot more.

Your Kickstarter backer code has been sent to your email. Just log in using the dashboard and click on “Redeem code” under “Kickstarter” on the left hand menu.

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