5 of 7 extended through New Year’s

Because of the server trouble earlier this week, the Winter Holiday 5 of 7 will be extended through the end of the day on the 1st, so everyone can get a crack at those seasonal cards!

EX 13 is Up in the Shop

EX 13 Packs and Complete Box are all up in the shop.  

Also, we’ve tracked down the problem with our servers.  The server guys will be working overnight, so everything should be working by midday tomorrow (the 25th). 

Time of Yule 5 of 7

It’s holiday time again, and as always we’re going to be having a 5 of 7 with 10 Point Cards instead of 5, and way higher rares than normal in the prizes! They’re all also new winter seasonals as well, so check them out!

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Prepare for the Legacy of Darkness

When the war ends, there are still warriors left behind. 
After united armies of the Solar Kingdom and the Duchy of Crest destroyed the Stronghold of Chaos and ended Annarose’s Augment program, a number of innocents being experimented on were freed.
They were glad to be free of Annarose’s clutches, and many of them found new homes in the Solar Kingdom or the rebuilt Kingdom of Regus. However, some had already undergone a number of experiments and despite their wishes to rejoin normal society, possessed the inhuman and destructive power of the Augments!
In times of trouble will they all be able to call upon their terrible strength to save the ones they love? Or perhaps one of them will enjoy this power and want to revive the glory of the Abyssal Forces?
For all things, there is a legacy. 
For the Augments, there is a Legacy of Darkness.



With PayPal figured in, we’re about at 60K, which is 150% and an awesome success! Thank you everyone! It’s been our privilege to partner with all of you to make the Alteil Horizons Kickstarter everything it could be and much, much more. It was your support, feedback and great ideas that made this happen – and I think the results speak for themselves. It’s the end of a chapter for Alteil Horizons, but also the beginning of a new one! We will post updates here as Amazon payments clear and we send out Surveys to determine how and w

hen you all want your rewards. Then it’s on to improving the pre-Alpha, adding on more content until it becomes an Alpha, then a Closed Beta, then Open Beta… and then launch! There’s an exciting road ahead of us, and I can’t wait to make that journey with you all! Thank you again, –Sean, Jeff, Merideth, Andrew, Jeremy, Eric, Mark, Matt, Josh and Lil’ Bringer


 www.alteilhorizons.com The soon-to-be home page of Horizons itself.

 http://paypal.apocoplay.com This is where you’ll find into on PayPal reward levels, and Slacker Reward levels (post-Kickstarter), which we’ll still keep counting toward stretch goals!

 www.alteil.com This is the main site of Alteil 1, its news section can be a useful source of information.