New Alternate Art for Folrart Knight Captain for Horizons Kickstarter

Okay, last week’s mystery artist announcement was our most popular ever… but the real secret is there were TWO mystery artists the whole time! Our second mystery artist is Woody Hearn from GU comics!

Woody Hearn has really outdone himself this time with the heavily armored and mounted Folrart Knight Captain. As the illustrator of a comic about gamers that has done more than it’s share of World of Warcraft and other fantasy game strips, Woody is no stranger to armored knights. The Captain here came out great, possibly my favorite piece by Woody to date.  And everyone who backs us at the $20 level or higher gets one!

You can check out the full story here.

Or take a look at the Captain large on our main Kickstarter page.

35K goal reached, Closing in on 40

We hit the 35K mark over the weekend, and as promised everyone has been given 15 Point cards. Now, we’re at 37K, not far from 40 where the next midterm goal kicks in — everyone who pledges in the Kickstarter (even just 1$) gets a triple change card (3-star)!

Also, I’ve added an article on Shunya Yamashita. I’m sure everyone has seen his work on cards like Mulna and Deathmaker, two very popular cards in Folrart, and a number of other solid cards like Dyson and Scarlett Lily.  You can read it here:

Weekly Ranking List


The rankings have been caught up and everyone who fought in the arenas should have their gran. Take a look at the rankings from this past week.

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Batora Prizes Given Out

Everyone should now have all your gran and point cards from the Batora event!  Let’s see if I can get something special for Kouseo for beating Batora the most number of times by a wide margin.

Also! The Alteil Horizons Kickstarter is over 34K, pretty close to the 35K milestone goal!


Milestone Bonuses for Alteil Horizons Kickstarter

Milestone Bonuses for Alteil Horizons Kickstarter

Exciting numbers and days are a while off for the Horizons Kickstarter, and that’s no fun. So we’re adding milestone bonuses!  We’ve already reached the 30K bonus, which grants everyone backing us at the $50 level and above to get 50 Card File slots with their premium account instead of the normal 20.

– Milestone Bonus $35,000 is 15 Point Cards to every active account! (current player only, instant reward — yes, you get to keep these no matter what)

– Milestone Bonus $40,000 is +1 three star triple change card for every backer… EVEN those who back us at the $1 level!  That’s right, everyone gets a card that can change a standard rare into three copies, permanently! Crazy?  Maybe, but only in the context of “crazy good!” (This will become part of the standard Rewards)

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The 30% Club and a Bonus Reward for Backers

The Alteil Horizons Kickstarter made the 30% mark over the weekend, a key point for Kickstarter projects. It’s also set me up nicely for my for my mission to try and score us a Staff Pick this week! We’ve got more press coming, with the Apocoplay staff having given 9 (!) interviews over the past few days, and a bunch of announcements for the end of the week, plus a few other tricks.

But there’s more…

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50 Wins against BATORA!

After 9 days of brutal battling, Batora has been defeated 50 times!  That’s enough to weaken his power over Lavato so we can reactivate the protective shield that keeps the forces of Batora away completely!  The shield will be back up by midnight.

Iczers, we salute you!  Thank you for all your brave battles!  Victory over Batora!!!

30% Looms Near on Kickstarter

I got a chance to talk to some guys who worked at Kickstarter about getting a staff pick. As you know, we were flying for the first few days, a key period for evaluation for validity, chances of success and attention from Kickstarter itself. Unfortunately, while we did get on the automatically-populated Popular list for a few days (and scored over a third of our backers from that which is awesome), we didn’t get Staff Pick first week. It seems that they will give us another look when we hit the 30% mark, and another if we get a front-page article on a major news site. (We did get twenty(!) articles, but the ones on major news sites either weren’t front page or didn’t have a link to Kickstarter, like the Kotaku one — since it actually went live like 6 hours before the kicstarter itself).

 If we can get to the 30K by the time the Kickstarter staff gets into the office Monday morning, and then the interview I did last week (at a soon to be named major news site) goes live mid-week, that should be a sure-fire one-two punch!  Almost one-hundred percent of all Kickstarters that break 30% and get Staff Pick are successful! Victory is in our sights!  Continue Reading

Batora is on the Run!

Blowing past 30 wins, we’ve got Batora on the run!  Don’t let up now, go for 50 wins to defeat Batora and the big prize!

It’s been a bloodbath in the Arena this week, with many Iczers confronting the agents of Batora and several scoring big victories!  Kouseo seems to be up for decorating his living room in Batora parts, for example…  Special mentions go out to monkeysmiles for the first win, and LoneKnight for the quickest.

Keep it up, everyone!  There’s still the weekend to catch Batora!