Bright tidings, most powerful and majestic Saint of Gold! It has come to the attention of my spies such rare information that I felt need to communicate with great haste. It seems that the protectors of Alteil are busying themselves with the preparation of some alien custom they call a “Kick-beginner”. Apparently some athletic festival, be it sport or footrace, no doubt in an effort to take their minds off of the inevitable victory of our most dread Master, yours and mine. Such is the case that their defenses are in a state of disarray that has not been seen in some time.     – Your most worthless agent, <unreadable>

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What could Possibly go Wrong?

Hey all, I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone who joined me for the chat earlier this week. It was a lot of fun and we appreciate all the support. The ‘official’ announcement of everything we talked about is planned for next week, probably the 5th, and we’re all really excited about it.  What could possibly go wrong?

Labor Day Weekend Sale with Complete Set Cards

Labor Day Weekend Sale — with “You Get Set” Cards

To get a good sale going, we’re putting up a set of Sphere lotos starting next week on the 29th and keeping them up over the long weekend.

these lottos only pull from one sphere each, and include the “You get Set X” cards.

That means if you get one of the special present cards, you get AN ENTIRE CARD SET (60 cards)!

Logress Chat Tues 9 PM EST

Logress in Chat

Logress will be in game chat at 9 PM EST on Tuesday the 27th. He will have some super secret announcements (that you totally can’t figure out just by reading the rumors floating around the forums — honest) and be available for an hour to answer questions. There will not be cake.

Letters From Logress: We are PR!

We are PR!

And now, a very special episode of… Letters From Logress


We are PR! — Anyone remember VR Troopers?  Old Saban show trying to capitalize on the Power Rangers craze, although many felt it didn’t have the sophisticated acting or clever writing of the original. That theme song though, was hard to get out of your head. Anyway, I’m here this week to talk about PR, not VR! Continue Reading

Assassin Grand Prize Winners

I would like to congragulate the following iczers for being randomly selected from our participant pool from last week’s 5 of 7! The grand prize is 2 copies of any assassin card of your choice, including EX cards. 

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