…and more prizes

Some issues with yesterday’s prize giving have been fixed, including Point Cards.

Let the Dolls hit the Floor

Greetings Iczers,

I am please to announce that the prizes from last week’s 5 of 7 “Faction Wars” have been awarded. Everyone’s accounts have been dollified, please enjoy! If you believe there has been a mistake, please e-mail logress@apocoplay.com with your iczer name and concern.

The following Iczers are our grand prize winners! Each iczer may redeem 2 copies of any magic doll (any rarity) of their choice! 

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Dollification 5 of 7 Clarification

Remember the faction wars 5 of 7?  Here are the doll-oriented prizes!

Everyone gets: Magic Doll -Adjutant-  
5 of 7 participants get
Magic Doll -Covert-
and for the extra prize:
Magic Doll -Exorcist-
This 5 of 7 is going on now, and prizes will be given out next monday/tuesday!

Summer is Raging – With Prizes!

Prizes have been given out for last week’s Sumer Seasonal Art contest!

And what ever you do, don’t think about the title of this news post in context of Raging Brawler Olvaus. But be sure to enjoy if you got a copy of him and Slave of Chaos Ebreenu!  Here are our lucky winners!

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