You Get Set Rarity Lotto – 5/31 through 6/3

We always like to do a rarity up lotto right after announcing a new set, and Set 12 set the bar in a good spot with five different rarity up lottos for one weekend! It’s sort of like getting the old cards on sale before the new cards come out, and SET 13 will be coming out in June.

Collecting Event Prizes

Everyone should now have your prizes from the Sakura collecting event.  Please email if there is any problem.

Weekly Ranking List


Please remember that the Memorial’s Day 5 of 7 is running at this moment. Participate, and you’ll earn point cards, (1) copy of crest veteran swordswoman, and battle-worn lady paladin. You’ll also be entered into the pool to be randomly selected for our grand prize! Please see the previous announcement for more details regarding this promotion.

Here are the rankings for the past week:

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First sneak peak of set 13

It’s about time for a real set release. You know, cards that are not EX cards. Remember those? Set 13 is coming in June!  Probably near the middle.  I nabbed Worthing to put together a little preview in his own words…

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Memorial Day Sale: EX Sphere Lottos

The EX Sphere Lottos are up (exculding EX: 12 cards, but including everything else) and will be up for the long Memorial day weekend only! 

At 120 Gran each it lets you focus on just 25% of the EX card pool, by color.  Each Sphere includes a chance of their super rare EX cards, like Legendary Heroine Catria, Aisha, Assassin Team, Fiece, Blaze Knuckle, Collosus and Young Sorceress Reilria, which all Recycle for big Gran (in addition to being pretty awesome cards).

If you want to learn more about EX cards, just go to the Card List and select EX under Card Set.

Weekly Ranking List

Greetings Iczers,

The Sakura collection event is running until the beginning of next week (27th). It’s an opportunity to nab some rare prizes, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

EX: Chromatic packs and box are also going away after this week, so be sure to buy what you’d like before it’s too late. 

Here are this week’s rankings.

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Event rundown for this weekend and next week

Just a reminder that the Sakura collecting Event is giong on now, you can check out the details here. It will last until the 27th, so you can get in a full holiday weekend.

Also, EX: Chromatic Forces ends this weekend, and to sweeten the deal I’m adding 10 Point Cards to anyone’s account Monday who’s bought a pack or box.

And check out the Sakua collecting packs and boxes. As usually, you can use them to pick up an extra collecting card or two to complete a set, but they also have high rates!

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Final Weekend for EX: Chromatic Forces

Final Weekend for EX: Chromatic Forces

This is the final weekend for EX: Chromatic Forces, one of our most unique EX Sets. Already, EX: Mermaid Soldier [human] and EX: Ancient Zombie Lord have become Folrart regulars, with EX: Light magic Archer and the others not far behind. Don’t miss this chance to pick them up in fixed packs and boxes! You can read all about utilizing these cards here…