Weekly Ranking List


For this week’s 5 of 7, Logress chose to honor cinco de Mayo. The participation prize is a copy of cyclops and 5 point cards. If you duel 10 times or more, you’ll be rewarded with a cinco de Mayo poncho and hat avatar items. Five lucky participants will be randomly selected to be our grand prize winners for this eventz; each winner will be able to choose a copy of any 5 star of their choice (non-seasonal)! 

There is also a limited time promotion to swap your non-seasonal cards for their seasonal counterparts! For a fixed price, you can exchange any non-seasonal card in your library for a copy of its seasonal version. The purchase you make with this promotion will be marked 50% off. Check out the official announcement on the forums to learn more details. 

Know someone who might enjoy Alteil, or have you recently introduced someone to it? You and your newbie friend might want to participate in our mentor card for the opportunity to earn a signifcant number of point cards. You can learn more by reading about it on the forums or by reading the “Mentor Program Returns” post on this page.

Here are the rankings for this past week.

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Cinco de Mayo 5 of 7

Cinco de Mayo next week the 29th to the 5th (of course)! 

We’ll be doing another Old School style 5 of 7.  And because it’s all about the 5th, five lucky grand prize winners will get — any 5 star they want!

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Seasonal Card Upgrade

We’ve had a lot of requests to try out some alternate types of sales, and one of the reoccurring requests is for a “Seasonal Card upgrade” option. Meaning, you could trade a card for its seasonal version.  Some other games offer the option to pay to “skin” your units, and seasonal cards are kind of the equivalent of that.  So, as an experiment I thought we’d give it a try this week the old fashioned way, so we can judge interest and get a feel for how it would work in practice.


From now until May 6th, email logress@apocoplay.com with SEASONAL in all caps in the subject line if you want to swap out one of your cards with the seasonal version. Be sure to indicate which seasonal you want if one card has multiple. The price will be as follows.

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Mentor Program Returns

Despite not a ton of press (IE posts) or buzz about the mentor program, and not a ton of participants… nearly every new ‘student’ became a serious player, overshooting the 20 required wins quite handily — some by several hundred — and some even reaching a higher level than their mentor by the end of the month. Always a fan of quality over quantity, we’re bringing it back.
Some people were confused last time, so here is the short, short version – know a guy whose low level? Teach him. Know a guy who might like Alteil? Introduce him.  Wait a few weeks, email me and by then your bud’s probably got enough wins to qualify you both for some free stuff.
The details:

Old School 5 of 7 Grand Prize Winners


I would like to congragulate the following 4 iczers for being randomly selected to be our grand prize winners for last week’s 5 of 7:





Please PM myself on the forums or e-mail Logress at logress@apocoplay.com to redeem your prize of 1 EX pack of your choice. 

Weekly Ranking List

Greetings Iczers,

There’s only 1 promotion I’d like to remind everyone about for this week: EX 12! Our newest additions to Alteil are now available in limited edition packs for 400 gran each. You can also buy playsets of every EX 12 card in the complete box at 4600 gran (200 gran savings)!

Here are the top iczers and guilds for this past week:

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EX 12 Rundown and Review

In the past I’ve spent a little more time giving you all rundowns and details on how our new EX cards work.  And, thanks to the immediate proliferation of EX: Ancient Zombie Lord and EX: Maggie, it wasn’t much of a problem last time. Unfortunately, in the past week I’ve been saddled with scaring up operating funds so we can continue to grow, business plans and other non-gaming (and thus, inherently evil) tasks. And passing work off to the rest of my team (mostly in and around Boston) wasn’t going to happen this week, so you heard a lot less pre-EX chatter from me than previous.

To fix this, I’ve turned to someone who certainly knows more about Folrart than I do, Worthing. I asked him to play around with the cards, have some fun, and write down this thoughts.  And, while (disclaimer) he is doing this at my request, he was able to come up with a lot of interesting places to start and practical advice.

Read his article on EX 12 here…

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EX: 12 is up!

EX 12 is now available in the CARD SHOP (although you do have to scroll down below EX Chromatic, I’ll change the order tonight.)