Two New Free Cards and a Secret Revealed Monday

I recently learned an important secret about the storyline of Alteil… but it’s no fun to just tell it right away, so I should keep everyone in suspense for a time.  I guess I’ll just pick a random day to reveal it.  I know, MONDAY. Why not?  After all there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT THIS MONDAY, right?

So I suppose you want to know what this secret is going to be all about?  To make your anticipation more specific?  Right, well remember the story of how One True God / Unknown came to be?  It was explained on the site during the Set 12 launch that “Verlaat — wielding the ancestral sword of the Solar Kingdom, Claevolg — fights side by side with his long lost brother Alphonce — wielding the Black Sun Progura, an ancient weapon given to him by his mentor Nightwalker Riza.”  And when the two join forces there power is so great that “it creates a plume of energy” that Unknown is born from.  Doing a little more reasearch, we can check out the flavor text on Unknown’s card.  It reads “When Alphonce and Verlaat fight Elgandi, the brothers’ powers combine and materialize into the advent of this being of light.”

Ok, so it seems that some how Verlaat and Alphonce’s powers merged to form Unknown.  But, HOW DID THEY DO IT?  What is the secret of their convergence?  What actually happened, was it on purpose, or some kind of explosion?  Did they use magic?  Or was it some kind of secret technique passed down through the Folrart Royal Family (for two thousand years?) Maybe it has something to do with the fact this battle took place right after Verlaat returned from Zugateroza’s relm, aka the land of the dead.  Perhapse he learned something while he was there… HMMMM…

Tune in on Monday to learn the secret!  (and get two free all new unique cards… you know, if you’re into that kind of thing.)

April Lotto and Seasonal Packs

The beginning of April is next week.  Good old Firstday of April, where NOTHING odd ever happens around here.  Nope, we’re doing a PERFECTLY NORMAL Seasonal sale, and for no particular reason are including the WIERD ONES… of in their own separate lotto, where they can’t hurt anyone.  That’s right, the GM hand drawn cards, GM in costume cards, and the fan-favorites Chibi Dalos and Sunday Afternoon Bringer are all availalbe in the April Lotto!  In addition, we’re putting up the Seasonal Card Lotto and the Seasonal packs, all for one week!

April Lotto card list:

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A Dinner With Worthing

Worthing, who may be The Most Interesting Iczer in the World, is streaming with commentary as he plays beginner’s files for the good of mankind.  Check it out!

Featured Community Tournament


Today I’d like to highlight an upcoming tournament that is being held by one of our players, icyman! This Saturday at 9PM EST the “Hidden Icy” tournament will be held in the training arena. All eligible participants will earn some point cards, and the winners of the tournament can earn up to 50 gran and 18 point cards. It’s a relatively small tournament size, so don’t dawdle and head on over to the forums to sign up! You can check out the details of this tournament and the Community Tournaments Program by clicking on the red “Community Tournaments” button on the front page.

Weekly Ranking List


Spring is here and the Easter Egg collection event is in full swing! With the opportunity to earn some rare seasonal cards, it’s no suprirse that Folrart Arena is experiencing a significant increase in activity. There’s still one week left in this event, which means there’s plenty of time for you to get started on your collection as well. To participate, just play in a ranked arena as you normally would and do your best to win. At the end of a game that you win, there is a chance that you will receive one of 5 eggs to earn prizes. Collect sets of 1, 5, and 10 (non-evil eggs) and you’ll be awarded with 3 seasonal cards of increasing rarity! The grand prize is a copy of the previously unattainable   seasonal Marchare. 

You can also collect eggs by purchasing Easter packs or boxes, only available during the duration of this event! See the details of both items on the forums, or in a previous announcement on this page. 

Here are the rankings for this week:

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Spring Returns to Alteil …With Spring EX

Well, the long harsh winter is over and Alteil has made it to another spring, a time of rebirth, new beginings, second chances… and cheap multi attack.

To celebrate, I’ve put the spring EX cards, Sakon and Meltiria in the EX LOTTO, and the Spring EX half-boxes are back up in the Shop, and they’ll be up for one week.  Each of these are 1000 gran and contain one copy of either Song of Spring / Meltiria or Defender of Seasons / Sakon (your choice), one guaranteed 4-star, 2 guaranteed 3 stars, and 27 additional cards between 1 and 5 stars — for 31 total cards.

Also, while I was in there I added EX: 11 to the EX Lotto, so we can also call this a full-fledged EX LOTTO UPGRADE!

Weekly Ranking List


The Easter Egg collection event has started and you can participate now to earn some awesome prizes. Starting today there will be 100% treasure battle rates in Folrart and each battle will give you a chance to earn an easter egg. By collecting sets of each egg, you can earn certain prizes depending on how many you collect; if you collect enough, you can even earn a copy of Seasonal Marchare and Seasonal Renally! Not feeling the grind in Folrart? Don’t worry, we got you covered. For the next two weeks while this event is running, we’ll have promotional packs and boxes that have easter eggs in them and with fixed rarity rates. Learn more by checking out the details on the official Alteil forums!

Last Friday we launched our first multi-sphere dedicated EX, “EX Chromatic Forces”; there are 8 new exclusive cards available in packs, boxes, and lotto for a limited time only! Be sure to check them out! 

Here is this week’s rankings list:

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Easter Eggs are Rolling!

Or, easter egg collecting is!

Easter Egg Packs and Boxes are now up in the shop.  I’ve bosted the rates of Evil Eggs in them (at the expense of 1-stars)

The Free Daily Lotto now gives TWO cards, one of which is an easter egg (NOTE – look for it under Recomended, it won’t actually appear under ‘Lottos’ now that it’s giving out two cards… I guess the game defines lottos as things that only give out one card…)

At 6 AM EST (server time) treasure battles will be turned to 100%.

AND I suppose you’d like to see the Alternate Art EX Marchare that is the top prize?


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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  For a little extra Irish Luck, the FOUR LEAF CLOVER avatar item is available in the shop today and tomorrow for free!

AND, tomorrow morning at 6 AM the treasure battles will be cranked to 100%, for the EASTER EGG COLLECTING EVENT which will go for TWO WEEKS.