EX 11 is UP!

EX 11 is up in the shop, including with a COMPLETE PACK at 4600 Gran.  In addition, GGG is going to make an Oeste clothes (!) avatar and we’ll be giving that out to those who buy the box.

But what everyone really wants is to see what these cards do! So let’s get to it!

Set 11 for real this time

If you got the Free Set 11 we gave out either at the end of last owner, or beginning of this one… you should now have 3 copies of each card, with gran-value.  (IE normal cards, not free).  If you missed that, but were able to battle for the past two weeks, you should now have 2 copies of each card, with gran-value.  

 If you think you should have Set 11 cards and do not, email me at logress@apocoplay.com


and enjoy! 


EX: 11 Lost Guardians

Coming Friday, November 30th!  EX: 11 LOST GUARDIANS

8 all new EX cards available in packs and a complete box!

From the far reaches of Lavato come four legendary figures. Generals and other major figures from the great kingdoms consider them lost souls… some of them, would even be considered myths. But they are very real, and they have the power to shake the world!

But who are these guardians on the edge of the war?


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Hand Turkey Winners 2012

Hand Turkey Winners! So I ended up giving out two grand prizes again this year, to kazemachi and Evil Tomato — who, by the way, has a very impressive Hand Turkey record all around here at Alteil. Runners up are asgrook, ghin, and Ethikx. Congrats to everyone!

GGG will make the Hand Turkey card this weekend, but I’ll go and give out the point cards now.

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Underdog Not Updated

Yeah, so we all knew that wasn’t going to work on the first try since the transfer… MysteryMan will take alook at it tomorrow.

Black Friday Extention

Since the shop was down for a few hours this afternoon and (mostly because we were busy fixing it) the mass email reminder about the Black Friday sale ended going out really late, we are EXTENDING the black friday sale through Saturday!  (except for the hyper rarity lotto, that’s going to Sunday as normal.


we are up

And we’re back up. All is good. All active accounts have been given a starter switcher card.

we are up

And we’re back up. All is good. All active accounts have been given a starter switcher card.