Still alive

Well, that storm was the biggest in my lifetime around here, hands down.  No serious damage to our property as far as I can tell but no power, no internet and the neighborhood is a wreck. We had to take the baby to the in-laws because they have a small generator and it’s getting a little cold at night for him. Driving out of our area was pretty crazy, power lines and utility poles were just lying around on roads and yards (and on cars and houses). There was a 4-foot diameter tree floating about 9 feet above the road suspended on power lines. Driving under that was exciting.

Still alive, though. No word on gettnig power back, not even an estimate. Probably not surprising, because resources are being sent to areas where people are in immediate physical danger, of which there are plenty.


Hurricane Warning

Everyone who is, like us, in the North East of the US, STAY SAFE!  Check out your local municipality website or phone service for info on emergency warnings and possible evacuation orders.  And, make sure your laptops have fully charged batteries so you can play Alteil after the power goes out.  Seriously, everyone be safe and if I lose power, I’ll see everyone again later in the week.  You don’t have to worry about the game, though.  The main servers are nowhere near the storm area.  And remember, if you go outside, you’re liable to have all your level one and two units returned to your File — sorry, couldn’t resist.

OK, all good.

Login iis now happy. Happier than before, actually.  Thank you for your patience. 

Please Stand by

If you are having an issue loggin in right now, don’t be alarmed. We are upgrading some security stuff and you will be able to log in within a few minutes.

Free Set 11 and No Gran Penalty for Losing Reminder

You’ve got one more week with no Gran Penalty for losing (will keep it up until monday after next to make it match the ranking time) and Free SET 11! Now’s the time to introduce a friend to Alteil when they can start with an entire set of free cards!

Weekly Gran Reminder

Remember, for the next two weeks, there will be no Gran penalty for a loss iin the weekly gran.  That means the more you play, the more gran you get!  Now, if I was smart, I might have announced that on a MONDAY so the weekly gran would make sense.  To make up for the fact I’m apparently not, next week’s Ranking will inlcude last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Tonight I will give the normal gran out for all matches played during the pre-release period, from Friday the 12th to Thursday the 18th.

Official Welcome from Apocoplay

APOCOPLAY Acquisition Announcement


As you all know by now, the rights to Alteil reverted back to its original developers – a company called Core Edge.  As for Alteil US, after a number of companies have tried to manage it, so I guess everyone’s been wondering who’s next?  Sony Online, maybe? Blizzard? As it turns out, they’ve decided to leave it to… er, well… me, sort of.


So I formed a small gaming startup with a buddy of mine from high school, who’s a software developer, along with a few other developers he went to college with.  This company is called ‘Apocoplay LLC.’  It’s pronounced like ‘Apocalypse’ and yes, I know it’s not a great sign that I have to explain that every time.  At least you know we’re more interested in selling Alteil’s name than our own for now. And now that we have Alteil US, what exactly are we going to DO with the thing?  I’m glad you asked…

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SET 11 RETURNS FOR FREE – It’s one more chance to try Set 11 for free! How often do you get a whole Set for free? It will be in the shop for two weeks. If you’ve got some friends you’ve wanted to get into Alteil, what better time then now, when they’ll have the opportunity to have so many free cards – like King of Mankind Verlaat and Chaos Form Annarose — to get them started?

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No Gran Penalty for Losing For 2 Weeks

NO GRAN PENALTY FOR LOSING – Seems like a no-brainer. For the next two weeks, instead of getting +2 Gran for a win and -1 Gran for a loss from the weekly ranking Gran, there will be no penalty for a loss!  Play all you want, and your weekly ranking Gran total will only go up and UP!

Gold Packs and Boxes Back in the Shop

GOLD PACKS AND BOXES BACK IN THE SHOP – Getting Gold Packs and Boxes approved was one of the first changes I pushed for back when the game started. To celebrate, I’m putting them all back up. And, the Gold Packs now have a lower price tag!  250 Gran for a guaranteed 3-star and in addition to that 3-star, and a fair chance of more rare cards. 

And don’t worry, if you bought Gran earlier this week and spent it already, we’re not leaving you out of the sale. We’ll be giving you some bonus Gran to thank you.  If you haven’t gotten it by tomorrow, email me at