First of all, as of now, August 1st, the rights to Alteil has reverted back to its original developers – a company called Core Edge.  They were a small online gaming company founded by fans of gaming that was acquired, merged and passed around until they ended up as a part of monolithic gaming company Gamepot.  Recently, Core Edge was re-formed with its original staff, and now they once again have Alteil, so the fate of Alteil JP and Alteil US is in their hands.

There’s a lot more to the story, and the details on the future of Alteil US are coming soon.  However, GGG and I had our August 1st Alteil-related plans delayed due to another big launch we had to manage…

July 31st at 1:25 AM EST, a healthy baby boy was born to GaoGaiGirl and Logress.  His GM name will be Lil’ Bringer, mostly because he has such a powerful Open Skill.  (I guess you had to be there… no, no wait… it’s probably best that you weren’t). 

A big thanks to all our supporters, friends and well-wishers. We’ll be back on track with Alteil soon, but right now we just spent a lot of SP getting this little guy on the field.  (Mental note, next time put an Owl Sage in the Labor Overnight Bag.)


–Logress and GGG