Summer Haul

Summer heat is not letting up here in the North East, but those of you with AC can at least sequester yourself in a frosty room with some good old video games until tempetures reduce to the level that can support human life.  

To that end, I’m bumping up the rarity rates of all cards earned in treasure battles in Folrart for the next two weeks!  The bump is significantly higher than the one I used to use for ‘Treasure in the Ruins’, signified by the new name…

Lost Summer Found

The summer Avatars are up in the shop, and the Summer card art has been added to the game!  At the end of the event, the card art will return  to normal.

Lost Summer of Alteil

Seeing as it’s about a zillion degrees (give or take .001 zillion degrees) outside, it’s probably summer.  So, we’re putting up the Alteil Summer card art tomorrow, as well as 8 new summer avatar outfits, one new summer accessory, and a new summer background in the shop!  You don’t have to do anything special to see the new Summer art, just log in as normal on Monday to see them!