Replay Contest Ends Sun

I’ll give everyone until the end of the day tomorrow to come up with the perfect Replay.  Post your entry on the forum thread here.  Remember, there must be at least 1 Set 11 card visable for dating.  Even if your not up to posting, check out the thread anyway.  It’s filled with great replays and examples of playing a wide variety of files.

Closed Billing system and new registration

As we announced, we closed potcash billing system and new registration today.
You are no longer able to buy potcash, but you can still convert your potcash into Gran until the end of Alteil.
Thank you for playing Alteil.

1 hour maintenance for Premium Account Status

We are having a maintenance from 5AM to 6AM on 22nd for giving Premium Account status to everyone.

The maintenance will be gone straight to the morning maintenance. 

I’m sorry for this inconvenience.


Liberty and Premium Account Status for all

Starting tomorrow, all users will be given Premium Account status for 5 weeks.  That means everyone will have 20 Card Slots and be able to save battle replays in the Theater tab!

Since everyone’s going to have Premium anyway, we might as well have a BATTLE REPLAY CONTEST.  Everyone post your most impressive or craziest battle replay in this thread between now and the end of June, and then we’ll pick a winner in a combination of GM and Community judging!

To make sure the replays are current (it’s annoying to go back and check dates) each battle MUST include at least one visible SET 11 card (can be used by either Iczer).



Everyone, keep checking the thread to see what kind of battles will rise to the top!

Underdog Update

I’ve run an Underdog Update.  Since there isn’t enough data on Set 11 yet, the system has put the entire set on the Underdog List.

Not Dead Yet 5 of 7

We’re not dead yet.  Actually, I feel fine.  THINK I’LL GO FOR WALK.

Or, instead maybe I’l battle in the arena once per day on five different days next week.  That would make me quailfy for the NOT DEAD YET 5 OF 7, going from Monday the 18th to Sunday the 24th.

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