Free Daily 3-star Lotto!

Congratulations, Worthing! To celebrate his win, we are going to do FREE DAILY 3-star Lotto this week!

Start from May 28th 6:00AM ~ June 4th 6AM, The free daily lotto will be 3-star or higher!

YES, that means you also have a chance of getting 4-star or 5-star from Free Daily Lotto!


What is Free Daily Lotto?


Tournament day 2 starts at Noon

If you’re looking for the top 3, you’re going to need at least 19 Stars tomorrow!  I’ll see everyone in the Torurnament Areana at 12 noon EST.

Worthing takes Match 1

After a bit of a late start, Worthing did not disappoint with with a good show.  Fularia brought out an Emana / Dio / Return file, and Worthing has his old-school Gowen rush, with Dullen, Yuni, and his trademark 3 Salamanders.  There was a lot of back and forth, and on several occasions the audience called it one way or the other, but Worthing pulled it off at the end.  We’ll have a replay up on Monday!
As promised, next week’s Serial will be a 5*, and ALL NEXT WEEK we’ll be having a 3* Free daily lotto every day!

Super Rarity up Sphere Lotto is up!

Super Rarity up SPHERE Lotto is up in the shop now! and will be available until 30th Wednesday!

No 1-star card in this lotto, and you have a chance of getting point card and very little chance of getting a present card which gives you a copy of each card from one set.



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