Tournament starts in 20 minutes

Day two of the World Championship Warmup tourney is starting at noon!  Just go to the TOURNAMENT ARENA to participate.  3 matches can land you a copy of Death Dragonknight Langbart.

Defenders of Spring Special EX Cards Tomorrow

Remember, tomorrow the Spring EX half-boxes will be going up in the Shop, and they’ll be up for two weeks.  Each of these will be 1000 gran and will contain one copy of either Song of Spring / Meltiria or Defender of Seasons / Sakon (your choice), one guaranteed 4-star, 2 guaranteed 3 stars, and 27 additional cards between 1 and 5 stars — for 31 total cards.

Long Maintenance of the Soul

Er, actually the Long Maintenance of Friday morning.  It will be from 4 to 5 AM on Friday the 27th, so we can move the Spring EX cards onto the main server and take care of some other tidying-up between the servers.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

World Champion Warmup Tournament

About time for a tournament, so this weekend we’re going to have a WORLD CHAMP WARMUP… no it doesn’t mean only the world champions can play — anyone can play — but it will use the same cardpool as the World Championships, which can be found here.  And, Japan’s invited!  That’s right, the Japanese will be using this tournament to try out our cards and our players in preparation.


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Legendary Unicorn is card of the week

Legendary Unicorn is this week’s card of the week. That means you can get 3 copies for 40 Gran in the CARD SHOP all week.

Ever want to try Stardragon or just a big Refess file with cards like Shadow Spirit, Puppy Retear, Garfath, Pegasus Knights, Brutal Mammoth or Granvarion — but you just didn’t know where to start?  Well, they say go big or go home, so why would you start with anything other than the biggest card you can? Try openig with a sacrafice unit, two Recovery Powders, and a LEVEL 6.  Be sure to tweak your Souls to fit.  And there’s no better Refess level 6 to start with than Legendary Unicorn.  His Auto Skill lets him solo a rush field, and his counter can make him suprisingly tricky to take down.  That’ll give you some time maybe to generate some more SP and drop more bigs.

More Sphere packs! Card Set 7 to 10

This week, Set 7 to 10 will be in the Classic Sphere Packs.

Start from 23rd 6am to 30th 6am EST Time.

5 card packs for 300 gran that pull from one sphere and have boosted rates from normal packs, but pull from 4 Sets.
Each packs has 1 guaranteed 3-star card, 1 guaranteed 3–star or higher. There will be four version: Refess, Lawtia, Gowen and Falkow.