Tournament starts in one hour!

Intro to April touranment with all it’s funky file-building limitations will start at 9 PM EST!

One change — instead of only Grimoires LV 3 and lower, each file will have access to ALL grimoires.

Reminder of what it’s all about:


SAT MARCH 31ST at 9 PM EST to Midnight EST




You must choose one of three Sealed Files

-Knights and Captains

-Martial Artists, Mage Soldiers and Gunners

-Sorcerers and Archmages

Entery Fee 0


Everyone starts with 10 Stars, and you MUST complete THREE battles to qualify for any prizes at all.

If you end up with 10+ Stars, you will get a copy of MAGE KNIGHT OFFICER TORIFE (and the 5 Point Cards)

If you end up with 9-5 Stars, you will get 5 Point Cards

If you end up with 1-4 Stars, you will get 3 Point Cards

Top three Iczers will get an additional 20 Point Cards


Same as above, except the card you get at 10+ stars is King’s Right Hand / Baldern

Sealed deck tournaments use cards generated by our Tournament arena, so you don’t need any special cards of your own to participate. This is where you can really show your skills on the field of battle!

For those of you who have never been in the Tournament Arena before, it works pretty much like Folrart.  This is what we call a “Star Battle” Tournament. Everyone starts with 10 Stars and gains one if they win, and loses one if they lose. If you lose them all you’re out. You must play THREE battles to qualify for any prize.

When you sign up, it will ask you to choose a “Sealed Card File.”

The “Edit your Card File” button will only work once you’ve entered the Tournament and chosen “Go to Tournament Lobby.” After that, It’ll let you edit your Tournament only Card File.

Each Sealed file will include 3 copies of every level 1 card in the game, 3 copies of every Grimoire, and add 3 copies of every card of the noted subtype.

Easter Egg Lottos Next Week

Easter time!  You know, finding easter eggs is a lot like doing lotto pulls… you crack open an egg and a card pops out!  Wait, Easter eggs don’t do that?  Well, I don’t feel so bad about oversleeping and missing out on the Easter Egg Hunt every year, then. Continue Reading

Falkow Pre-built: The Kingdom Returns

You bet Wizard Kigdom Returns… it Returns enemy units!  Uh, you know… that was just in case you missed the joke.  Anyway, we’ve got one more pre-built this time around, and it’s Falkow.  Wizard Kingdom is not as easy to play as some other level 3 oriented files, but as we’ve seen in the Grand Championship matches and in Folrart as one of the few files that could handle pre-nerf Rucca, it’s versatility and potential for victory is extremely high.  Since getting an early advantage through your soul sklls can help you dominate the game, we’ve decided to include some key Soul cards not available in other pre-builts, like Violet X2 and Wandering Priest Raste.  

The Kingdom Returns will go on sale Friday the 30th and be 500 Gran for one week only, then join the other permanent pre-builts at 1500 Gran, so get it now while it’s cheap! Also note, in the newsletter I mentioned EX: Wiz Archer, but we ended up switching the file around a little to make it as strong as possible.  Now, let’s see the card list:

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March, Out Like a Lion Baron Pack

To note the end of March, which comes in like a Lion and out like a Lion Baron, we’ll be adding the OUT LIKE A LION card pack to the shop for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Each pack includes a copy of HONOR OF THE LION ZAGAR, a unique card that was originally offered as a buyer’s incentive last year.  If you only ended up with one copy or you didn’t get a chance to get any, here’s a great opportunity!  Now, let’s see the details on this pack…


5 Cards for 300 Gran, including:

1 copy of Honor of the Lion / Zagar

1 Guaranteed 3-star card

1 Guaranteed 3- star or higher card

2 2-star cards

That’s two 3 star or better, the special Zagar card, and no one star cards for 300 gran.  Not a bad way to roar out the month!

More Level Up Cards is More Better

What’s better than getting free cards when you level up?  Getting MORE of them!  Starting Friday the 28th, more free cards will be added so you get one per level up to 30.  These are retroactive, so if you log in on Friday and you’re already high level, you get a bunch of free cards!

Card of the Week is Opal Carbuncle

This week’s card of the week is the 2-star Opal Carbuncle, a great addition to any Carbuncle file, his open skill can greatly increase the file’s power against Gowen files, and any files that rely on direct damage in the open phase. As a nice bonus, his counterskill combos well with Diamond’s attack debuff, and the possible advantage it gives you makes the enemy think twice about attacking.

Intro to April Tournament

It’s been a while since we had an event in the ole Tournament Arena, so this weekend will be an INTRO TO APRIL Tournament.  Please note that it is NOT any kind of APRIL FOOL’S TOURNAMENT so you should totally NOT be expecting us to do anything weird.  Just so we’re all on the same page, I wanted to get that out of the way.  Now, let’s look at the rules…

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Underdog is Updated

Hmm, looks like the list came up bugged, but I’ve got it fixed now.  Anyway, the unlike last time I didn’t wait a few weeks after the EX launch before crunching the numbers, so the new EX have all been added to the list with no history, so they’re guaranteed to be Underdogs.  



Monday Ranking Time

It’s Monday, and that means rankings and Underdog updates.  I’ll be updating the UNDERDOG LIST around 10 PM EST, so finish up your underdog battles around them.  I wouldn’t count on Orks staying on the list again!

Now, let’s take a look at the rankings…

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