Leap Year Boxes are up!

It’s leap-year day today, and there are three leap year boxes in the shop now.

They cost 2,100Gran and contains 75cards as same as a normal box, but a guaranteed one 5-star card!

Available only today the 29th, for 24hours!



5 of 7 this week

Just a reminder, this week is a 5 of 7 week.  Well, 6 now since monday is over.  You just need to play at least one match on 5  different days before next sunday night to get some Point Cards and a chance to win the Grand Prize.

Crest Gale Fencer is this week’s fixed card

All week you can get 3 copies of Crest Gale Fencer for 40 Gran in the CARD SHOP.

Crest Gale Fencer is all about the offence, a LV2 with 4 AGI, 40 AT and a cheap slash. Nothing else can pump out that amount of punishment for her level. In addition, she provides AGI boosting, which is key for Crest — many Crest units have AGI 3, and the difference between AGI 3 and 4 is huge.

Leap Year Box

A once in a lifetime day?  Looks like a good spot for a one day sale!  On the 29th, we’re adding LEAP YEAR BOXES to the shop, one for SET 8, one for SET 9, and one for SET 10.  They’ll cost the same price as a normal box, 2100 Gran, but they’ll contain boosted rates!  Details after the jump…

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Tourney and Weekly Ranking

It’s Monday, so it’s time to look at the weekly rankings.  But while we’re here, let’s take a look at the toplist for last weekend’s tournament — in the post below.

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Day two of tournament is over

Day two is done, lots of Dolls, some undead, few pixies, a strong showing overall.  I’ll check the results and post results tomorrow.

Battle of the Sexes Day two in 30 min

Be in the tournament arena in 30 minutes.  If you’re aiming for the top 3, 23 or more  Stars will be necessary, but just 3 battles can get you a copy of VIOLET X2 if you keep your stars at 10 or higher.