Treasure battle maintenance

We are going to have 30 minutes maintenance for setting the treasure battle 100% on 1st February from 0AM to 0:30AM EST Time.

You are not able to log in Game during the maintenance.

After the maintenance, The treasure battle in Folrart will be 100%.

Grand Championship Prizes

I suppose things would be EVEN more exciting in Grand Championship land if everyone knew exactly what was on the line… so let’s review the prizes.

 Grand Champion

-Icon next to his or her Iczer in-game until the next championship

– 10,000 gran

– The right to challenge the Japanese Grand Champion 

– A mountain named after you in Valhalla 


Second Place

 -5,000 gran

– The right to challenge the Japanese Grand Champion if the 1st place winner doesn’t want to do it (or dies under mysterious circumstances) 


Third Place

– 3,000 Gran

GC prize: Aces8 and Worthing Serial result

 Here are the Serial results for the championship last Saturday.


First Match: Frozenstar VS Aces8 

Aces8 won the battle… and  257 Iczers got his Serial. 



Second Match: Worthing VS Madhund2 

Worthing won the battle, and 642 Iczers got his Serial!


Everyone who won should have your prizes in your account now. 

and those who lost this time, you have a chance in the next match, and the prize will be better!


Worthing wins, moves on in High Bracket

Worthing pulled off the win, despite a last minute comeback by madhund2.  

Now, the HIGH BRACKET will be WORTHING versus ACES8

and the LOW BRACKET will be madhund2 versus Frozenstar!

Both of these should be pretty good matches.  In fact, on the match comentary, Worthing even admited that his win rate against aces8 was about 50%, so it should be something to see!

I’m scheduling the matches now, and will post when I have the plan!  See everyone next time.

And yes, I’ll try to get some replays by mon.

Commentary Stream

Gon and Rom are nice enough to provide a commentary for the Grand Championship duel:

If you are having some issues seeing it, just hit the ‘pop out’ button, but it seems to work fine in most browsers.

Match is starting now, so come to the TOURNAMENT ARENA!

It will make you make a file to get in, just throw some cards a dummy file and get in there so you can watch!

aces8 wins first GC match

aces8 has won!  He was the underdog in this match, so I hope not too many of you lost cards on this one!  But it’s always exciting when the underdog moves on!  aces8 will continue in the High Bracket, and Frozen will go into the low bracket.  aces8 will fight the winner of tonight’s 7 PM match, and Frozen will fight the loser!  REMEMBER to redeem your serial code for the finalist you’ve chosen for tonight’s match BEFORE the match starts!

And yes, for those who missed it I will try and get a replay up soon.

Things are just getting started, see you all tonight at 11 PM!