Try Set Ten Rumble Encore

Last week we had a free-for-all in the Tournament Arena where everyone got to try out Set 10, and earn some Ponit Cards.  But, since not everyone had last week off, we’re going to have an Encore tonight… 9PM to midnight EST.  Maybe not a huge east coast turnout because it’s prime New Year’s Party time, but you know, for the rest of the world…  Anyway, here are the details!

Triple Change Lotto is up

From now until Monday morning, play the 10 Gran Lotto in the Card Shop for a chance for a Triple Change card, that lets you take a 3, 4 or 5 star card you have one copy of and change it into three copies!  Go to it!

Try Set 10 Tournament is UP

We’re up!  

Come to the TOURNAMENT ARENA, it’s open until FOUR PM EST with a complete set of SET TEN cards (3 copies of each) for you to experiment with (and two copies of all the other cards).  To top it all off, you’ll get some point cards for it, too!

If you got like 4 cards instead of 100’s of cards, you’ll have to withdraw and re-enter, the sealed deck was pointing to the wrong place for a minute there…

Triple Change Lotto

As I announced yesterday, Here is the information about Triple Change Lotto.

The cards will be in the 10Gran Lotto ONLY FOR 3 DAYS, Dec 30th, 31st and Jan 1st.

You can get one of Triple Change Card from Daily Free Lotto on ONLY 28th, which means you only get triple change card from Free Daily Lotto on 28th, No normal card.


Free Daily Lotto is reset at 6am every morning, 

After 28th 6:00am until 29th 6:00am, You will get triple change card from Free Daily Lotto. 



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Try Set Ten Rumble

It seems a number of Iczers have this week off, and so I decided to cook up a mid-week event.  Since Set 10 seems to be catching on in Folrart, it’s time to do something for everyone who hasn’t had a chance to try the cards out yet!  So, we’ll be having a RUMBLE… which is what I call a tournament when it’s less competitve and more about file building. 

Our plan is to get everyone FREE ACCESS TO ALL OF SET 10, then build some cool files and try them out for a few hours!

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SPECIAL ITEM: Triple Change Lotto is coming!!

It’s almost the end of the year, there should be something special marking the end of the year.


Triple Change Lotto will be coming this weekend ONLY FOR THREE DAYS 30th, 31st December, and 1st of January.

If you get one of these cards, You will be able to get 2 more copies of the cards you already have!!

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Underdog List to be Updated for Set 10

Around midnight, I will be updating the underdog list for SET 10, since right now the newer cards won’t be appearing on the UD lists until I do so.  So, after midnight, you will be able to incorperate your Set 10 cards into your UD files.

This will be the last Underdog list update for a while, because everyone’s RP will be reset this week.  Once that happens, we’ll have to wait until there’s enough RP spread again for the computer to be able to make sense out of what is UD and what isn’t.

NEW SHOP ITEM: Seasonal Lottery and Pack!

We are going to have Seasonal Lottery and Pack!

Both Lotto and Pack are including all new Five Seasonal cards such as Seasonal Igina, Aano, High Acolyte Boporus and Plundering Girl Pirate!!

If you missed the new seasonal cards prize of Snowflake collecting and 5 of 7 missions, you still have chance to get them!

*ALL Seasonal cards will be in the pool. there are about 75 seasonal cards including 5 new cards.


The Pack is guaranteed one 3 or high rarity seasonal card!

Start from 27th Morning 6:00 and running until 6th January 6:00am EST time.

You will get a new Igina Avatar by buying the Seasonal Pack!


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One Hour Maintenance: Reset Rating Point

We are going to have one hour maintenance on 27th Midnight EST Time.

Start from 0am to 1am on the 27th. 

After this maintenance, The Freeze RP will be reset to 1500 and be activated.