King of November and Restore RP

Our King of November will be decided in one day, the 1st 0:00am EST time! 

Frozenstar has the highest RP right now.  Seems he is going to get the title of King of November?

King of November


At Midnight, Your November’s RP will be Reset, and your RP will be Restored to the value of the end of October.

Hyper Rarity UP Lotto Result!

Some Iczers got “PRESENT CARD” from Hyper Rarity Up lotto.


There are 7 Lucky Iczers!








For those 7 Iczers, Please go to your Mail Tab and check the mail with a serial number from me!


Premium Maintenance update information

We finished the first premium maintenance now.


We were scheduled to have another maintenance from 2am~ 4am, but that is not going to happen.  

We are going to have another maintenance Tomorrow the 1st from 0am to 2am to finish up the premium features.


Healing Priest is in the shop this week

This week’s card of the week is Healing Priest, a classic from the very first days of mixing Lawt and Reffess. But for TGC, he’s a priest with some of the best starting HP around and a decent heal that’s free.  You can get three copies for 40 Gran in the CARD SHOP.

Premium Maintenance

We are going to have 2 hours maintenance on 29th, 30th Nov and 1st Dec.

After those 3 maintenance, you will be able to get a premium feature by converting Potcash to Gran.


29th(Tue): 8:00pm ~ 10:00pm EST Time

                 9:00pm ~ 11:00pm EST Time

I’m sorry we changed the time for the premium test maintenance.


30th(Wed):2:00am ~ 4:00am EST Time

1st(Thu): 0:00am ~ 2:00am EST Time

*please note that your RP will be back to the one you had on the end of October after the maintenance on 1st.


I’m sorry for the inconvenience.




NEW BATORA EX PACK is now available in the shop! That means four new super-powered cards, one in each sphere!

EX Batora Card Pack 2 will only be in the shop for two months, so don’t miss it!

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BATORA driven back

After many valiant battling, BATORA has been thrown down more than 50 times! We’ve got him on the run now.


We won 59 times! Thank everyone for all of your brave battles!


NOW, we are going to have BATORA EX PACK 2 up in the shop next week, and for the FIRST day ONLY the cost will be 18 Gran cheaper!

SHOP Reminder

Hyper Rarity UP lotto is in the shop until Sunday the 27th 6:00am EST Time.

It’s 20gran and No 1-star card. Available only for 4 days! Don’t miss it!


EX9 Packs and Boxes will be end soon 25th 6:00am.

You are still able to get them from EX Lotto after 6am.


Batora pack (Pulcera, Joachim, Leopold and Galfc) is in the shop until 28th 6:00am EST Time.

Buy three packs and get a Joachim Avatar for extra protection!


Set 1 to Set 9 Gold Boxes will be available from 25th morning to Tuesday the 29th 6:00am EST time. ONLY 3days!!

Gold Boxes contain 24 packs for the price of 23 packs, so this is 120 cards, and ONE point cards!

All from one SET of your choice, with higher rates, a guranteed 5 star rare card, and a pretty good chance of two 5 stars, Pretty Low chance of three of them. These are a great way to grab some rares from a particular set you like, at a better value than your usual boxes!