NEW My Iczer page & NEW NPCs!!

After 2 hours maintenance, have you viewd an upgraded My Iczer page?

and there are 2 new NPCs in single player arena! It’s a little hard to find, but if you scroll the page down, You will find…

Level: 29 NPC Lily Sidhe

level: 31 NPC Adjunct Clemen

IF you beat one of the new NPC From Monday to Sunday Midnight EST time , You will get 5 Point cards.

Beat Both, and get 10 Point cards!

2 hours Maintenance for a site upgrade

We are having the maintenance from 4am to 6am for a site upgrade, then goes to the morning maintenance today.

There will be a NEW MY Iczer PAGE and NEW NPC after the maintenance!

VOLCANO HUSTLE Gowen Prebuilt Card list

Who knew Volcano Wyvern could play pool? It’s time for the Volcano Hustle, starring Volcano Wyven, Jerry, and the mid-red players!  And for one week ONLY you’ll be able to pick it up for just 500 Gran!  That’s only 10% above its recycle value!  AND, it includes Sakura and EX: Merc Girl, two must-have Gowen Cards!

Now, the Card List: 

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Halloween Card Serial Monday

Be sure to log in on Monday for a free Serial code for a Seasonal Halloween Card!  Because nothing says Halloween like Halloween Seasonal Art — wait that kind of makes sense.  Maybe I’m onto something here.

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Site Upgrade Monday

We’re implementing a little site upgrade on monday, a new and improved MY ICZER TAB.  It should make it a little easer to keep track of Achievements, and certainly look a lot cooler.  Because nothing says Halloween like the My Iczer Tab!  …I think I need to work on my themeing…

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New NPC’s Monday

We will be adding two new NPC’s to the arena ON MONDAY, because  nothing says Halloween like Pixies and HK Lapierre.  Well, they CAN be scary sometimes.  And it just wouldn’t be fun without  a little contest…

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New Gowen Pre-Built DISCOUNT Fri

We’ll be launching an ALL NEW PRE-BUILT on Friday, and this time it’s GOWEN’s turn.  That means, you’ll be getting yourself a big sale price of 500 gran on that new file for ONE WEEK ONLY.

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